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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [yaguzadech]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\i1}Timing and Subtitles by the Sniff Sniff Team Team @viki.com{\i0} Translate:
2 But you did really well. Translate:
3 Stop it, stop! Translate:
4 Good job! Translate:
5 Wait! Translate:
6 No one pats on the head\Nunless they consider you special, yeah? Translate:
7 Right? Translate:
8 Alright! Translate:
9 This receipt here Translate:
10 - Yes?\N- Aren't the items a little vague? Translate:
11 Oh, you're right. Translate:
12 The same goes for all of these. Translate:
13 I'll check them all. Translate:
14 Thanks. Translate:
15 Okay. Translate:
16 Sorry to disturb you.\NI'm Yaeshima from accounting. Translate:
17 About the receipts you've submitted Translate:
18 Damn it! The receipts?\NI'll be there right away. Translate:
19 Ichise from Product Development,\Nyou just called me. Translate:
20 SWEAT AND SOAP Translate:
21 Sorry, I'm really bad at\Nmanaging these things. Translate:
22 No worries.\NI just need the details of the items. Translate:
23 Okay. Translate:
24 This is a souvenir that\NNatori and I got to for a client. Translate:
25 This one is checked from the cafe\Nwe went for our meeting. Translate:
26 Right! This is from the Rose Garden\Nwe went to have negotiations. I miss it. Translate:
27 - Uh\N- Yes? Translate:
28 What is Natori like? Translate:
29 Huh? Translate:
30 Uh Sorry. Translate:
31 He is a senior from my department,\Nand my mentor. Translate:
32 Mentor Translate:
33 So, these are all business receipts. Translate:
34 I didn't mean to doubt you Translate:
35 The person from meeting at Rose Garden\Nwas so adamant Translate:
36 Natori and I went back\Nand forth to negotiate. Translate:
37 Natori wanted the roses\Nfrom this garden at any cost. Translate:
38 He is very particular about the scent,\Nkind of obsessed with it. Translate:
39 Sounds like him Translate:
40 That's what I love about him. Translate:
41 Huh? Translate:
42 Do you know each other? Translate:
43 No. It's just that he's quite popular\Nin the office, isn't he? Translate:
44 Right. He is. Translate:
45 Very conspicuous. Translate:
46 He's really amazing. Translate:
47 And extraordinarily dedicated Translate:
48 to noticing subtle differences\Nthat no one else can. Translate:
49 He's perfect for the soap business. Translate:
50 I guess he's either a genius, or a pervert. Translate:
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