Samurai Pizza Cats 01 - Secret Ninja Group, Nyanki [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [apisitzero]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Animaloids live peacefully in\NEdoropolis, their capital city... Translate:
2 But these days, they aren't\Nallowed to just take it easy, Translate:
3 as a group of wicked robots dare to break\Nthe peace using the powers of darkness... Translate:
4 They can never be pardoned! Translate:
5 So, here with us are our friends who\Nfight against them in the name of justice. Translate:
6 We are Nyankees on the side of justice! Translate:
7 Let's go! Translate:
8 Secret ninja trio, Nyankee dispatch! Translate:
9 This is the capital city of Edoropolis. Translate:
10 Come on, come on! Bargains, bargains! Translate:
11 It is a paradise where many\Nanimaloids live happily. Translate:
12 What can I do for you? Translate:
13 Welcome to Pizza Cats. Translate:
14 Here you are. One yam pizza. And\Nthis yellowtail pizza is for you... Translate:
15 and you and the egg pizza, right? Translate:
16 Hello, this is Pizza Cats...\NOh, one tuna pizza? Sure. Translate:
17 It'll be there within ten minutes. Thank you. Translate:
18 Hey, Yattaro! Translate:
19 What is it, Pururun? Translate:
20 Deliver one tuna pizza to Miss Omitsu, will you? Translate:
21 Oh, to Miss Omitsu? Translate:
22 I am the right man to deliver it to\NMiss Omitsu. My dear Miss Omitsu. Translate:
23 Hey, hold it there! Translate:
24 Oh, dear! Is Miss Omitsu the only female\Nin the world? It's a shame, right, Otama? Translate:
25 Sure is. How cheeky of them! Translate:
26 They're so dumb that they fell for a girl like that\Nwhen they have two young beauties right here. Translate:
27 Well, can I have a shrimp pizza? Translate:
28 What! Translate:
29 As if! Translate:
30 Huh? Translate:
31 This is no time for that! Translate:
32 Oh? Well, I'm sorry. Translate:
33 You stupid folks better enjoy the blessings of\Npeace before you're forced to bow before me. Translate:
34 Hey, hey, wait! I'll be the one\Nto deliver it to Miss Omitsu! Translate:
35 Ugh! How bothersome! Translate:
36 Okay! Translate:
37 I've got it. Translate:
38 Hey, hold still! Argh! Translate:
39 So long. Translate:
40 Why, you! Get back here! Translate:
41 Come and take it from me! Translate:
42 You little... Translate:
43 Here I go! Translate:
44 Here you are, buddy. Translate:
45 Got it! Translate:
46 That clever thief! Translate:
47 Bye bye! Translate:
48 Yatsuro, you fiend! Translate:
49 The game's not over, though. Translate:
50 Oh, you've come so quickly. Thank you. Translate:
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