Victory Gundam - 51 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\pos(352,314)}The Angel Returns to Heaven{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 The rings are breaking up! Translate:
3 The psychickers are still inside! Translate:
4 This was never part of the original plan! Translate:
5 A ring segment's drifting in from the left! Translate:
6 Dodge it! The Enemy fleet's directly ahead! Translate:
7 Keep attacking and avoiding those ring segments! Translate:
8 Don't flee, Sugan! Translate:
9 Has the machine betrayed me? Was it the resistance of the psychickers that caused this!? Translate:
10 I must check for myself! Translate:
11 The Angel Halo's breaking apart!? Translate:
12 Can't you see this anomaly!? Translate:
13 Shakti, are you still all right? Translate:
14 What's happening to the Angel Halo!? Translate:
15 It's not reacting to my input! Translate:
16 I've lost control of it! Translate:
17 What about the key room's controls!? Translate:
18 No response! Our only option's evacuating! Translate:
19 What in the world happened here? Translate:
20 Princess... Translate:
21 What do you intend to do with this Angel Halo? Translate:
22 Those of you who are still in the control room and on the bridge... Translate:
23 ...please escape from here. Translate:
24 At this point, even I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen. Translate:
25 But, all of this was begun by the prayers of the psychickers who wished for peace. Translate:
26 Cronicle! Translate:
27 Don't you realize that it was your own weakness that made Ms. Katejina fall for you!? Translate:
28 What does a young brat like yourself know!? Translate:
29 As the brother of the Queen, I've had to fight against Kagatie's ambitions! You know NOTHING of my suffering! Translate:
30 If you must, fight better than ever before! Translate:
31 Ms. Katejina's...! Translate:
32 Shit...! Translate:
33 Die, kid! Translate:
34 Uso, if the two of you fight one another with blind hatred, you'll both end up dying! Translate:
35 Not bad! Translate:
36 Thanks for saving me, Odelo. Translate:
37 Those two are the only ones left. Translate:
38 Tomache, where'd the one we just fought go? Translate:
39 They're hiding among the ring blocks. Translate:
40 They're flying even after they've broken apart... Translate:
41 If they're able to do that... Translate:
42 PLEASE GET BACK! Translate:
43 How am I supposed to fight against the hatred of them both!? Translate:
44 How should I? Please tell me! Translate:
45 Father... Father! Translate:
46 Don't attack the ring parts! Translate:
47 The civilian psychickers are still inside them! Translate:
48 Isn't that human blood!? Translate:
49 Sugan, I'm returning to the Angel Halo's core! Translate:
50 That's too reckless! Translate:
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