Victory Gundam - 49 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Uso's made his way to the battleship that Tassilo and Maria were on. Translate:
2 While Maria was caught up in the chaos, he did succeed at killing Tassilo. Translate:
3 These events left Uso with great remorse. Translate:
4 But, the battlefield cares nothing about the feelings of one young pilot. It simply proceeds on to its next phase. Translate:
5 On the Angel's Rings{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
6 You're acting far too carelessly if you won't even acknowledge my abilities with this mobile suit. Translate:
7 Where'd you go, Uso? Translate:
8 You'll come out for a final attack, right? Translate:
9 I won't bother with either their mobile suits or tires. Translate:
10 Just let me go to the place Shakti's at right now! Translate:
11 I'll use the wings of light as a barrier! Translate:
12 The Shrike team is late, but they're here! Translate:
13 I've gotta give em my thanks... Translate:
14 ...for always being such a reliable support team for me! Translate:
15 Should we stop? Translate:
16 We can't stop! Translate:
17 You're going too fast! Stop! Translate:
18 I know... Translate:
19 Uso, can you hear us? Translate:
20 We have some brand new parts for you here. Translate:
21 Connie, Juca, after you've put on the Assault parts, cover us and try not to let the enemy get too close. Translate:
22 Uso, release the ''Buster'' pack and let us attach these "Assault" parts. Translate:
23 Ms. Marbet, you shouldn't be coming out here! Translate:
24 Milliera, Franny, you two cover me! Translate:
25 Connie, you go help out too. Translate:
26 Roger. Marbet, you explain it to Uso! Translate:
27 This is a battlefield! Translate:
28 If we get hit here, then I'll just accept that it wasn't our day. Translate:
29 But...! Translate:
30 Uso you've been working hard... perhaps too hard. Translate:
31 Thank you... Translate:
32 That's why the old men on the Reinforce created the Assault armor for you. Translate:
33 Assault armor? Translate:
34 But, make sure you don't over-do it! Translate:
35 I know. Translate:
36 All done here! Translate:
37 Can you pass the part for the left shoulder here? Translate:
38 Karlmann has pointed out Shakti's location for us. Translate:
39 There should be no mistake. All you need to do now is fly directly over to the Angel Halo. Translate:
40 I know. You asked me to remain calm, right? Translate:
41 The baby, can you feel it? Translate:
42 It doesn't seem possible with your pilot suit in the way. Translate:
43 Marbet, how long are you going to sit there protecting Uso? Translate:
44 You go and help him fix his knee portion. I'll help him get the Buster beam launcher back on. Translate:
45 Roger, roger... Translate:
46 You know how easily Uso gets carried away, so watch him and make sure he's still careful! Translate:
47 You got that, Uso?\N- Yes. Translate:
48 Connie, Marbet, what are you gals doing? Translate:
49 We'll be in trouble if we don't hurry! Translate:
50 How much longer do you want us to do this, Marbet? Translate:
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