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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The battIe with the Angel Halo as the focaI point continues to spread. Translate:
2 During this battle, Uso finally broke through the resistance of Fuala Griffon. Translate:
3 However, that was only made possible because of Marbet's pregnancy. Translate:
4 That's a factor that could end up controlling the battlefield... Translate:
5 ...a factor that men know nothing of. Translate:
6 Vanquished Life, Blooming Life{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
7 We need to clear a path that'll get us directly to the earth. Translate:
8 Thanks to TassiIo backing out of the battle, the League Militaire's fleet has started putting even more pressure on us. Translate:
9 That's why we need to gather our scattered forces first! Translate:
10 I order you to clear an opening for us, now! Translate:
11 You'II understand once you've seen what the Angel Halo's can do. It's capable of landing on earth, you know! Translate:
12 There've been no change in alpha waves. Translate:
13 The sum of all brainwave activity is at 100 synergistic GHz! Translate:
14 The fifth ring's been connected. Translate:
15 Stop this, those of you who're wounded. Translate:
16 There's no need for you to throw your own bodies into this kind of fear and hopelessness. Translate:
17 Your body will be destroyed and nothing will be gained. Translate:
18 I want those who are peace-loving to inhabit the earth once again. Translate:
19 But, the government's filled with humans who kill one another, die, and know nothing but war. Translate:
20 Inform all of our turrets... Translate:
21 Do NOT attack their flagship, the Shubaten. Translate:
22 Pass the order down! Translate:
23 Admiral, it took so long to catch up with them... Translate:
24 No. Jinn Gehennam, don't you think it's a bit unusual that Uso's V2 would go all that way only to sit in front of their ship? Translate:
25 While people will typically either overestimate or underestimate their close relatives... Translate:
26 ...I felt it was simply our obligation to catch up with that ship. Translate:
27 Uso's been making his moves based off of the same feeling. Translate:
28 I see. Translate:
29 Could this be because the Angel Halo's been activated? Translate:
30 It reaIIy does seem to sharpen human instinct. What exactly is going on? Translate:
31 My father's here, and there's a fleet battle still going on. Translate:
32 ...and now the White Ark's finally met up with the Reinforce Junior again? Translate:
33 The White Ark has finally made it back. Translate:
34 AII her crew are safe and sound. Translate:
35 I wonder how Karl's doing? Translate:
36 The V1 made it back here with all those supplies intact! Translate:
37 These supplies can also be used as a barrier... Translate:
38 We'll need to ask you to resupply us again, Captain. Translate:
39 Roger that. Continue your all-range surveillance of the area. Translate:
40 How's our little Karl doing? Translate:
41 He's doing fine for the moment. Translate:
42 They're still coming! Translate:
43 That's what you get for coming in front of me! Translate:
44 I never treated you as an enemy. Translate:
45 Our real enemies were Kagatie and that Angel Halo of his. Translate:
46 Destroy both the Federation and the League Militaire fleets! Translate:
47 Young ones who share this telepathy, join with me if you wish to defeat your enemy. Translate:
48 You can leave things in the rear to us, now! Translate:
49 We'll take care of the mobile suits! Translate:
50 You head for the Shubaten, Uso! Translate:
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