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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The completed Angel Halo has finally been set in motion. Translate:
2 Maria Pia Armonia entered the key control room and directed the prayers of the ring's psychickers still asleep in the device... Translate:
3 ...which seem to be capable of directly reaching a person's heart. Translate:
4 Uso found himself unable to fight as he was trapped between illusions and reality... Translate:
5 ...but thanks to the power of Odelo and the others, Uso was saved. Translate:
6 Tassilo's Revolt{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
7 While I'm glad that my HEXA was brought along, all they did was drop it off and leave. Translate:
8 Is that what you call an envoy? Translate:
9 Well then, Uso... Translate:
10 ...all the extra parts they added make it the "Buster Gundam", correct? Translate:
11 For now, we've added emergency components in order get enough power to reach Shakti. Translate:
12 You mean you're still going to use it to go after her, Uso? Translate:
13 That's right. Translate:
14 The enemy fleets before us haven't completely organized themselves yet. Translate:
15 Marbet, are you hearing this? Translate:
16 I heard. While the V2 has been upgraded, this version really hasn't been tested yet. Translate:
17 But, if we delay any longer, our enemies will be able to regroup! Translate:
18 The White's Ark mission was only to investigate. Translate:
19 That's why we're going to do that now! Translate:
20 But those extra parts are too much of a burden! Translate:
21 At the very least, the can act as a barrier. Translate:
22 Tomache, how's the body? Translate:
23 All normal. Translate:
24 And what about the Buster Gundam? Translate:
25 Connie's gone off to meet with the rest of the Shrike team, so don't head out too far. Translate:
26 While I can become a symbol of the Zanscare Empire, what of it? What would you use it for? Translate:
27 We wouldn't be using the guillotine to scare the populous. Translate:
28 If we can unite and get our citizens to work together, a Zanscare would form that's capable of creating world peace. Translate:
29 Zanscare could...!? Translate:
30 Queen Maria's heart and Princess Shakti's heart are now both united as one. Translate:
31 Please order this ship to rendezvous with Cronicle's Adrastea. Translate:
32 I would like to hear Cronicle's opinion on the matter while also being under his protection for the time being, please. Translate:
33 Then, I'll consider doing what you've requested, Tassilo. Translate:
34 Very well. Fuala... Translate:
35 ...escort the princess over to Cronicle's ship. Translate:
36 Our fleet will catch up with you soon and later join together with Cronicle's fleet. Translate:
37 I'll let you handle that. Translate:
38 The Princess? Translate:
39 The Princess, eh? Translate:
40 You're the Princess! Translate:
41 Please wait for me. Translate:
42 Once I've completed this mission, I'll be over there very shortly to continue our delicious duel! Translate:
43 That bell sound's getting further away? Translate:
44 What!? Translate:
45 I'm sorry, but... SPRAY GUN! Translate:
46 Uso, did you realize? Translate:
47 While we were picking off their remnants... Translate:
48 ...the rest of the fleet started retreating! Translate:
49 We'll be in real trouble if both fleets meet and join forces. Translate:
50 Let me show you the Buster Gundam's long-range cannon! Translate:
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