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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The White Ark infiltrated into the aerial territory of the Zanscare Empire's Angel Halo, a device which was created by Kagatie... Translate:
2 ...and ended up running into Queen Maria's mobile suit envoys. Translate:
3 There, Uso was forced to watch as two adult pilots, both of whom were each other's lovers, were forced to fight one another. Translate:
4 Uso Dances with Dreams{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
5 The Angel Halo's final preparations have been completed. Translate:
6 Currently, all we have left to do is adapt the ring's psycommu systems to sync with the mental capacity of the psychickers. Translate:
7 In order to do that, are you saying I need to enter the key room? Translate:
8 Yes, the basic adjustments have been completed. Translate:
9 If it's for the sake of bringing this battle to a quick end, I don't mind. Translate:
10 Does this mean your concerns have vanished, Queen? Translate:
11 I'm not sure why, but I feel calmer now. Translate:
12 How's the control ship? Translate:
13 It's currently docked within the Angel Halo's core. Translate:
14 Can you assure me that the psycommu won't have any adverse effects on the health of the psychickers? Translate:
15 Of course. Furthermore, if this battle against the earth succeeds, I intend to grant them all extended vacations for their efforts. Translate:
16 I'll be counting on that. Translate:
17 We will soon be officially activating this Angel Halo. Translate:
18 Head out there and gather data on what effect the ring's psycommu has on the overall state of the battlefield. Translate:
19 We'll be checking up on the effects of the Angel Halo's waves by using 3 Zoloats which are equipped with Psycommu sensors. Translate:
20 We're still testing it now. Translate:
21 We'll be carefully spreading our prayer in all directions! Translate:
22 All of you psychickers who've gathered here on this Angel Halo, let us broadcast our prayers to reach the poor in spirit! Translate:
23 For the sake of such, we shall unite together to seek out the war criminals of our time and warn them! Translate:
24 Those accursed sinners will be called to repentance! Translate:
25 What's that? Translate:
26 I've got to look for Shakti... Translate:
27 Shakti, where are you? Translate:
28 Shakti! Karlmann! Translate:
29 It'll become dangerous out here soon! Translate:
30 But, Karlmann wanted to go for a walk... Translate:
31 ...and I came out here to wash the laundry. Translate:
32 But, this area still could be dangerous, what about Flanders? Translate:
33 Uso, what are you doing? That won't respond to your voice-code. Translate:
34 But, I'm supposed to be looking for something that I can use to save Shakti, right? Translate:
35 Uso... Translate:
36 You're not planning to return to the Camion anymore, right? Translate:
37 Yeah, it's just too strange a thing to be throwing children in the middle of battle. Translate:
38 Stay here at home and protect our farm. Translate:
39 Plus, we've still gotta find our parents. Translate:
40 A photograph of Shakti as a baby? Translate:
41 Isn't that my Aunty who's carrying me? Translate:
42 You'll all be able to live in a place together once you find your mother... Translate:
43 Well, if my mother likes this place, we'll all be able to live together happily! Translate:
44 Eh? Wasn't... this a picture a second ago? Translate:
45 We must make the warriors of the battlefield recall the peaceful memories that still remain dormant deep within their hearts and forget about the war. Translate:
46 If you're all able to embrace peace, the battles will cease. Translate:
47 The bells sounds have stopped, but my headache... Translate:
48 Let me see it, Haro. Translate:
49 Ah, it hurts! Translate:
50 I told you that you'll need to be more careful with knives. Translate:
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