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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The Reinforce Junior, leading the Jeanne D'arc and the League Militaire's fleet, and with the extra backing of the Earth Federation... Translate:
2 ...has begun its operation to destroy the Angel Halo. Translate:
3 But, Fuala's Zanneck was sent to the front lines to protect BESPA's forces. Translate:
4 While Uso's V2 did manage to destroy it... the overall state of the battle still hasn't changed. Translate:
5 Love is at the End of the Light Translate:
6 Stop that ship! Translate:
7 We are the envoys of Queen Maria. Translate:
8 Just as if it were a pirate ship, this ship takes the spoils of battle with it. Translate:
9 This vessel's transporting the enemy's mobile suits. Translate:
10 Even the white one is there on it! Translate:
11 Looks like there's some pretty valuable treasure on this pirate ship. Translate:
12 This isn't supposed to be in Angel Halo's airspace... Translate:
13 We were swept into the battle while shipping these captured supplies and lost contact with the main fleet. Translate:
14 Please give us your protection. Translate:
15 Ms. Marbet, if our true identity ends up being discovered, please tell them that I'm the daughter of Maria Armonia. Translate:
16 Then, they won't do anything rash. Translate:
17 Even if they don't do anything to you, the rest of us probably won't be safe. Translate:
18 I'll ask them to let you go. Translate:
19 Will they honestly listen to you? Translate:
20 Here they come! Translate:
21 Is this ship's entire crew all here? Translate:
22 That's right. Translate:
23 Only the woman and these children? Translate:
24 When Pippiniden's fleet was recruited back into the battle, even the young ladies and I were made crew members. Translate:
25 Even a pregnant woman's part of the crew? Translate:
26 That's right. Translate:
27 Where are your mothers? Translate:
28 They all went over to the Angel Halo. Translate:
29 So the military captured these supplies and handed them to your ship to carry over here? Translate:
30 All right, we the envoys will protect you for the rest of your journey until you can finally reach a safe location. Translate:
31 Thank goodness, sister! Translate:
32 Now we'll finally be able to meet up with our mother. Translate:
33 Thank you very much, big brother! Translate:
34 Brother? Translate:
35 How many months have you been pregnant? Translate:
36 There's only one month left before the baby is born. This way, I'll be able to give birth to him on the Angel Halo. Translate:
37 Have a healthy child. Translate:
38 Karinga, do you like children too? Translate:
39 Well, as a woman, I would like to become a mother myself someday. Translate:
40 Once this war has ended, would you be willing to bear my child for me? Translate:
41 He just proposed to her! Translate:
42 It wasn't a spur of the moment decision. Translate:
43 I'll wait for your reply. Translate:
44 Kishowl... Translate:
45 He may be a bit of a gruff guy, but he looks pretty dependable. Translate:
46 I think he's a good guy... Translate:
47 It's my first time ever seeing a proposal! Translate:
48 I'm so envious! Translate:
49 He's does seem to be a nice man. Translate:
50 Congratulations! Translate:
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