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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Uso and the Shrike team successfully fought against and vanquished the remnants of Pippiniden's space fleet. Translate:
2 However, when Uso heard Lupe Cineau's voice, he was mesmerized by her words. Translate:
3 And, now that the League Militaire's armada has entered the Angel Halo's territory, Translate:
4 ...they've found themselves surrounded by the sounds of those bells. Translate:
5 The Battlefield's Comet, Fuala Translate:
6 Our final preparations have been completed. Translate:
7 But, I believe it's still not yet capable of achieving its full power. Translate:
8 It'll take a bit of time for something like that to reach the full potential of its capabilities. Translate:
9 Still, it took more than one go to break through Pippiniden's Motorad Squadron. In a sense, we failed... Translate:
10 If only the Federation would grant us more reinforcements... Translate:
11 That wasn't the issue. Translate:
12 BESPA's defenses are simply far stronger than we could have anticipated. Translate:
13 The first thing we see before us would be the Tassilo fleet, and then you have the Motorad squadron survivors. Translate:
14 Finally, you have Sugan's fleet protecting the Angel Halo from the rear. Translate:
15 Furthermore, on the matter of that flying saucer mobile suit... Translate:
16 ...when listening to the sound of the bells, it was determined that they're... Translate:
17 ...not only coming from that mobile suit, but also from the Angel Halo's location. Translate:
18 But, that's strange. Translate:
19 What is it? Translate:
20 We should have been able to discover a massive object like that sooner, especially if it was being built in one of the space colonies. Translate:
21 What is it, Uso? Translate:
22 There were quite a few ships traveling between Earth and Jupiter recently, right? Translate:
23 Is it possible that those ships could have been transporting the individual segments of the Angel Halo along with them? Translate:
24 I see... Translate:
25 Fonse Kagatie did come here from Jupiter, after all. Translate:
26 That's right. Translate:
27 His party was responsible for collecting the Helium 3 supply as their government restructured into the Jupiter Republic Alliance. Translate:
28 The young man presents a pretty valid theory. Translate:
29 He's still treating me like an outsider. Translate:
30 Let go... Translate:
31 How long to you plan to bite me like that? Translate:
32 Oppose violence! Oppose capital punishment! Translate:
33 What's Uso so angry about? Translate:
34 Suzy, please take care of Karl. Translate:
35 What's the matter? Translate:
36 My father was still acting so cold. It's weird... Translate:
37 So that's what it is. Translate:
38 A leader like him has a ton of different responsibilities. Translate:
39 He's not going to be acting the same way he did back in Kasarelia. Translate:
40 But... Translate:
41 Men, by nature, can be pretty insincere beings. All those old novels got that part pretty dead on. Translate:
42 Really? Translate:
43 Our fathers can be like that as well. Translate:
44 I see... Translate:
45 Don't be childish! Translate:
46 Even if all you're able to do is fight alongside your father... Translate:
47 ...you should still be thankful for that. Translate:
48 That I understand... Translate:
49 As Jinn Gehennam, your father has become a man that's extremely important to the Federation right now. I'm sure he's been suffering as well. Translate:
50 He's had to be the League Militaire's leader all by himself. Translate:
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