Victory Gundam - 41 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The bell sounds that could be heard in Kasarelia appeared to come from... Translate:
2 ...a massive mobile suit that danced in the upper hemisphere. Translate:
3 But, it vanished after motivating Uso and the others to finally return to space. Translate:
4 Uso set off into space together with the Reinforce Junior after he bid farewell to his mother's grave. Translate:
5 The Battlefield Created by Father{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
6 The reinforcements from the Federation are taking too long! Translate:
7 We've received the signal to destroy this enemy! Translate:
8 Should we launch a dummy? Translate:
9 Just shoot them all, or we'll end up getting attacked! Translate:
10 Don't launch them all yet, the battle has only just started! Translate:
11 Yes Sir! Translate:
12 Will you be okay without a normal suit? Translate:
13 We'll be fine since the White Ark won't get too deeply involved in the next conflict. Translate:
14 We've spotted another heat source at 1 o'clock, 3 degrees up! Translate:
15 You sure we'll be alright? Translate:
16 Our enemy is only firing based on instinct. Translate:
17 I don't care much for normal suits, but we'll try to settle things quickly... Translate:
18 ...with this machine that attacked Largaine with its beam cannon. Translate:
19 I thought only one mobile suit was firing those types of beams... Translate:
20 ...but it looks like they're all new models. Translate:
21 This is my first time in space... Translate:
22 What kind of beam is that!? Translate:
23 Miliera! Translate:
24 What is this!? Translate:
25 Wings of light? V2? Translate:
26 They're only sending mobile suits out here, they seem to be too far from their main ship. Translate:
27 I'm hearing it again... Translate:
28 Odelo! Tomache! It's coming for us! Translate:
29 Separate! Translate:
30 It's not coming at us anymore...? Translate:
31 The direction it's coming from is different from before. Translate:
32 Did you hear that sound just now? Translate:
33 Those bells are obviously trying to lure me over there. Translate:
34 Come on over here! Translate:
35 Just like a honey bee drawn to its honey. Translate:
36 Those who are about to be executed by the guillotine must wear their bells... the bell of the Zanneck. Translate:
37 That bell spreads according to the movements of this machine, and it forms an image of the enemy inside my head! Translate:
38 If it's that white one, I'll finish him off here and now! Translate:
39 Backup, please use the V2's wings of light as a shield when you fight! Translate:
40 Use the wings of light as a shield? Translate:
41 If that's what he's asking, I'll do what he says! Translate:
42 The surprising power of the Zanneck's beam cannon has motivated you to come all the way here! Translate:
43 What!? Translate:
44 What!? Translate:
45 So fast... Translate:
46 Well? Translate:
47 No heat reaction. It must be very far away by now. Translate:
48 Thank goodness. Translate:
49 How are the casualties on our side? Do you know? Translate:
50 Two destroyed, two severely damaged, I think? Translate:
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