Victory Gundam - 39 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 After breaching the treaty and attacking the White Ark, Translate:
2 Duker Iq's Motorad detachment force was outmatched by Uso's Gundam team. Translate:
3 Additionally, it appears that the V2 Gundam has begun to display its true potential powers. Translate:
4 The Song of the Wings of Light{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
5 Now that we're in Europe, we'll still need to be prepared to enter battle at any point since BESPA's Largaine base is still active. Translate:
6 Elischa, it'll be your job to monitor our radar for us. Translate:
7 Got it! Translate:
8 That's right, the missiles can be launched from either here, or the bridge. Translate:
9 Good work. Let me help. Translate:
10 Is something wrong with the Gunblaster? Translate:
11 It's just a bit uncomfortable... Translate:
12 OdeIo, now that we're in the middle of the peace treaty, it means we may have the chance to strike first! Translate:
13 That's right. You've always been acting so impulsive... Translate:
14 Don't chase off the guardian that's watching over me now. Translate:
15 You have a guardian spirit? Translate:
16 She kissed me! Translate:
17 You and Ms. Elischa...!? Translate:
18 You'll need to put forth your best effort too. Translate:
19 Damn it, BESPA... Come out of wherever the heck it is you're hiding! Translate:
20 We're home, Mother. Translate:
21 If they had signed that treaty only 5 minutes earlier you wouldn't be coming back in this shape. Translate:
22 Mother! Translate:
23 Uso...! Translate:
24 Stretch your hand out, I'II save you! Translate:
25 I see a shadow... Translate:
26 Some cease-fire treaty this was... It's aII a pack of Iies! Translate:
27 We're detecting 3 overhead-hawks at 10 o'clock! Translate:
28 Uso, it's too soon! Translate:
29 They're not coming to attack us? Translate:
30 Uso, the enemy's acting strangely. Translate:
31 They've vanished. Translate:
32 You can confirm that they weren't heading for Largaine? Translate:
33 Yes. Translate:
34 I'll get the V2 to return. Translate:
35 Let's alter our planned landing coordinates. Translate:
36 Uso, wait! Translate:
37 Shakti! Translate:
38 Be carefuI where you step. Translate:
39 Are you feeling ill? Translate:
40 Well, this place does have a nasty stink to it, doesn't it? Translate:
41 But this season is the best you'll get all year! Translate:
42 THIS is the best, even with this smell!? Translate:
43 I guess that's what you'd expect after Hiland... Translate:
44 I don't Iike it! Translate:
45 We'll never get married... Translate:
46 Where is this Kasarelia supposed to be? Translate:
47 It's just behind those mountains. Translate:
48 Oldelo, we found a small Wappa! Translate:
49 It can still move? Translate:
50 The real trick will be getting it past those mountains. Translate:
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