Victory Gundam - 38 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 On their approach back towards Kasarelia, and while Europe was visible before their eyes... Translate:
2 ...a detached unit of the Motorad Squadron attacked Uso and the White Ark... Translate:
3 Duker Iq and Renda's forces, who used their Einerads on the ocean's surface. Translate:
4 While they successfully chased them away, Uso and his crew are already preparing for the next battle. Translate:
5 The Inferno of the North Seas{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
6 From the looks of it, the repairs should be completed fairly soon. Translate:
7 Those parts aren't meant for the Domuttlia! I told you to move them over here already! Translate:
8 Well, that should do it. Translate:
9 It won't look so odd this way... Translate:
10 Lt. Renda! Translate:
11 Are we heading out? Translate:
12 The preparations for launch will be completed in a little bit. Translate:
13 Good work. Translate:
14 Lieutenant Commander! Translate:
15 What are you designing? Let me take a look, Renda. Translate:
16 But... Translate:
17 Oh no... Translate:
18 You need to be careful once the assault begins!\N- Sir! Translate:
19 What kind of cabin is this supposed to be? Translate:
20 It's an octagon shaped house. Is there something wrong with it? Translate:
21 Is that you standing next to it, Renda? Translate:
22 That's right. Translate:
23 You're planning to build it here on earth?\N- Yes. Translate:
24 I've always wanted to live in a cabin that looks like that. Translate:
25 Would you have any room for me inside of it? Translate:
26 Please don't make fun of me! Translate:
27 Living alone can be a boring thing. Translate:
28 I'm serious, Renda. Translate:
29 Honestly... I... had never considered that before... Translate:
30 Once this war's ended, I want to live together with you. Translate:
31 My mother was always against me being a biker. Translate:
32 Once I had entered the military academy, she sent me this as a piece to remember her by. Translate:
33 I can't accept something that important to you! Translate:
34 I want you to have it. Translate:
35 - Turn around for me.\N- O...okay... Translate:
36 Thank you very much. Translate:
37 Launch preparations have been completed. Translate:
38 Understood! I'll be right down! Translate:
39 With that, Commander, I'm heading out. Translate:
40 I'm counting on you. Translate:
41 Are you not feeling well, Ms. Marbet? Translate:
42 Why do you ask? Translate:
43 You're maneuvers are a little bit off today, Ms. Marbet. Translate:
44 You're perceptive enough to figure that out? Translate:
45 If your body's giving you a hard time, let us handle the investigation. Translate:
46 You can head back to the White Ark. Translate:
47 I'll do that. Translate:
48 Is Ms. Marbet going to be alright? Translate:
49 Women always feel a little uncomfortable about once a month. Translate:
50 Something wrong, Odelo? Translate:
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