Victory Gundam - 37 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Uso, behind you! Translate:
2 The death of Uso's mother was a cruel and tragic loss... Translate:
3 ...But, they knew it marked the end of the battle. Translate:
4 The days in which the battle had ceased would be a good thing for the civilians, and yet... Translate:
5 The Counterattacking Twinrad{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
6 Those agricultural farm buildings... Translate:
7 They look big enough to hide a mobile suit inside. Translate:
8 While a cease-fire treaty may have been signed, BESPA's mobile suits are still on the move in this region. Translate:
9 Why could that be? Translate:
10 Ms. Marbet! Translate:
11 The Motorad team's main forces have finally returned to space. Translate:
12 Even if we were to spot the enemy making a move around here, there'd be little we could do about it. Translate:
13 I know. Translate:
14 But I won't forgive the Motorad Squad that killed my mother quite so easily. Translate:
15 I understand how you feel, but if you only live and battle them out of hate, I won't let you pilot the Victory. Translate:
16 Revenge... wasn't what I had on my mind. Translate:
17 But, if the enemy's still active here, it could mean the war will only continue. Translate:
18 Uso, you hear me? Translate:
19 Uso, we've got big news! Translate:
20 You hearing this? Listen up! Translate:
21 We've been granted a vacation! We can return home! Translate:
22 Give it back to me! Translate:
23 Uso, we can all go back to Kasarelia! Translate:
24 Kasarelia? Translate:
25 Captain Gomez let us go for a holiday. Translate:
26 It's the proof that a cease-fire treaty has indeed been signed. Translate:
27 Your mother's ashes can be buried in her hometown. Translate:
28 That's right, is it really okay? Translate:
29 I'll ask Captain Gomez for permission to join you as well. Translate:
30 Those white mobile suits are heading west towards the pacific. Translate:
31 All right! Let's go! Just a bit more to the left, the left! Translate:
32 Stop! Translate:
33 The mobile suit's hand...! Translate:
34 Petty Officer Sicily! Translate:
35 Even if you're new at working under gravity, you're still progressing far too slowly! Translate:
36 I'll complete it before take off! Translate:
37 - Get used to how things work on earth!\N- Sir! Translate:
38 Lt. Paloma has been spotted! Translate:
39 All right! Translate:
40 Lt. Paloma's landing now. Translate:
41 Prepare to depart! Translate:
42 Commence lift-off! Translate:
43 How's the inspection coming on that end? Translate:
44 Sicily, it's still not done yet!? Translate:
45 No, I'm terribly sorry! Translate:
46 We need to destroy the enemy's white mobile suits no matter what. Translate:
47 Of course, we did sign that peace treaty as an attempt to delay for time. Translate:
48 I feel ashamed of myself as an engineer. Translate:
49 The Motorad Squadron's original objective was the Earth Cleansing Operation. Translate:
50 Commander Iq's not the kind to leave a task half finished, which is why our battle shall continue. Translate:
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