Victory Gundam - 35 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The Motorad squad appeared from the sea and crushed the city and its people in a large scale massacre. Translate:
2 They called it Operation: Earth Cleansing. Translate:
3 Uso was even forced to use a reactor blast in order to stop the progress of his enemies. Translate:
4 Mother or Shakti Translate:
5 Sir, the operation of the Lysithea team ahead of us succeeded. Translate:
6 The League Militaire's forces have constantly been dogging us. They're trying to prevent us from finishing our repairs. Translate:
7 The Federation may have finally decided to lend us a hand, but we shouldn't be too overly optimistic here. Translate:
8 Depending on the Federation would be a mistake! Translate:
9 If we truly wish to stop them, we'll have to destroy their tires without making their ships explode! Translate:
10 We're depending on the success of Uso's group! Translate:
11 I'd enjoy it more if I didn't have these cuffs. Translate:
12 You should thank me for giving you food at all. Translate:
13 The rest of us don't even have time to eat! Translate:
14 You're jealous that I have time to eat? A group in your state will never stop the Motorad Squadron. Translate:
15 You seem to believe that this is our only battleship. Translate:
16 No, we're well aware of the fact that the Federation has been negotiating about joining with the League Militaire. Translate:
17 But they won't help you in the end. Translate:
18 The League Militaire will teach them what it must, don't you worry. Translate:
19 They'll teach what they must, eh? Translate:
20 Your meals tasted like crap anyway. Translate:
21 Seems rumors saying this ship was a modification Squid were true after all. Translate:
22 He's starting to move. This pilot's definitely the impatient type. Translate:
23 We're all ready. Translate:
24 Now, we're just waiting for him to get here. Translate:
25 My Zollidia's been repaired? Translate:
26 There should be something to stick this helmet on properly... Translate:
27 Having some trouble with that pilot suit? Translate:
28 No, it's all right. Translate:
29 The prey is here. Translate:
30 - I can see him.\N- Yep. Translate:
31 So the question is, will he choose his fighter, or the Victory? Translate:
32 They haven't finished repairs on that suit's engine yet! Translate:
33 Understood! I'm the one who knows this suit better than anyone... Translate:
34 I'm sorry, please show me the way out! Translate:
35 What's this!? What are you doing? Translate:
36 Make way! Do you want to be squashed to death here?! Translate:
37 But, pilot... If you attack this ship, we'll drop you faster than a boulder! Translate:
38 Trying to scare me, are you? Translate:
39 I'm going to take the new white one of yours with me! Translate:
40 I pity you... not even having time to eat! Translate:
41 The monitor's still dead! Translate:
42 Keep it down, Haro! Translate:
43 I guess he decided not to take me... Translate:
44 Chase him now, or this'll all be pointless! Translate:
45 Most of their mobile suits have already left in order to stop our ship! That's why I'm not even being chased! Translate:
46 Here comes one... Translate:
47 Don't hit him... Translate:
48 We're only trying to scare him off... Translate:
49 Be it Lupe or Katejina, one of you find me, quickly! They should be somewhere near here! Translate:
50 Even if we do have the upper hand, they're still putting up quite a fight. Translate:
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