Victory Gundam - 34 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Operation Giant Roller{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 This water's pretty shallow... Translate:
3 ...The Motorad Squadron wouldn't have much reason to be hiding around here. Translate:
4 Marbet has returned. Translate:
5 I know... Translate:
6 There should be a large number of BESPA ships that landed here on earth somewhere... Translate:
7 I can't see them... they're hiding... Translate:
8 If you realize that, help me find them! Translate:
9 Where could my mother and Shakti have been taken? Translate:
10 My toilet pack is already full... Translate:
11 Oh man... I wouldn't be stuck in this situation if Underhook had've survived... Translate:
12 Oh well... Translate:
13 These fishes... !? Could it be... Translate:
14 I guess wetting myself did end up paying off... Translate:
15 I'll use the underwater comm cable... Translate:
16 The is Odelo, in Gunblaster Unit 1. Translate:
17 White Ark, 3 Einerads have just arrived! Translate:
18 It's one of the BESPA fleet's assault teams. Translate:
19 He asked us to inform Reinforce! Translate:
20 How is Tomache doing? Translate:
21 He's ready. You're clear to take off now. Translate:
22 - I'm all set. I'll be departing from the stern.\N- Go ahead! Translate:
23 Roger... Move the mobile suits that are being maintained off our deck, and make way for Madam Chabarly. Translate:
24 And here I come out of nowhere still looking like an idiot! Translate:
25 You're the same as always, I see! Translate:
26 Hi, everyone. You're all looking pretty healthy! Translate:
27 You're finally here. Translate:
28 It looks like the entire earth-based League Militaire is rushing over here! Translate:
29 Yeah, we're focusing our manpower. Translate:
30 Also, the Federal forces still on earth have finally decided to help us! Translate:
31 The urgent situation I've needed to pass on is that the tires are now heading for Mexico's shoreline. Translate:
32 Is that so? The route that Madam Chabarly mentioned is consistent with the one that Odelo just reported. Translate:
33 Shrike team, prepare to set-out and pursue the Motorad Squadron! Translate:
34 There's not just one... there's 3! Translate:
35 They're over there as well! Translate:
36 Trying to rise to the surface...? I won't let you... Translate:
37 So, there's an annoying little mouse down here! Translate:
38 We knew you'd try tracking us down. Translate:
39 Being discovered by our newest model, Zollidia, isn't good for your health! Translate:
40 There seems to be just one enemy, commander. Translate:
41 Should we destroy it here? Translate:
42 The reports say that the rebels are closing in on us. Translate:
43 Do you want me to let Goz Barl take care of him? Translate:
44 That'd be fine. We need to catch up with Pippiniden's group and his Lysithea, anyway. Translate:
45 Let Goz handle him. Translate:
46 As long as we can increase our mobile suit defense perimeter, we can keep the enemy off our backs. Translate:
47 Allow me to be the one who leads the Motorad assault team, even if Cronicle is capable. Translate:
48 The Lysithea is now prepared to make landfall! Translate:
49 All right! Land! Translate:
50 Operation "Clean the land" has now begun! Translate:
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