Victory Gundam - 33 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Sea Dwellers{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 The League Militaire's battleship is still chasing after us! Translate:
3 They've only got two ships, and yet they seriously think they'll be able to attack us? Translate:
4 Please allow our Gedlavs to fend them off. Translate:
5 We're going to enter the atmosphere soon. Translate:
6 That's what makes it a good opportunity. Translate:
7 If we successfully damaged the Reinforce Junior even a little bit... Translate:
8 ...it'd be unable to handle the intense heat as it re-enters the atmosphere. Translate:
9 I get it... Translate:
10 Pippiniden, are you all right with that? Translate:
11 Thank you very much! Translate:
12 Katejina's team, prepare for departure. Goz Barl, Lt. Lupe Cineau, any problems on your end? Translate:
13 Everything's fine here. At least for today, we'll be following our Squad leader's orders. You got that, Goz Barl? Translate:
14 Sure. Earth being so close makes me nervous anyway. Translate:
15 The enemy is attacking us directly from the front! Translate:
16 We're ready to intercept them! Translate:
17 You may proceed, Shrike team. We'll follow. Translate:
18 Everyone, make sure you don't get sucked into earth's gravity. Translate:
19 It's odd... they've only sent 3 suits after us. Translate:
20 Aren't 3 suits easier to manage? Translate:
21 I think they've got something planned. Translate:
22 Fall back to the White Ark if it scares you that much. Translate:
23 You're underestimating the enemy... which just proves that you're the one who's afraid! Translate:
24 Damn it, Tomache, I'm being completely sincere! Translate:
25 Don't disrupt our formation! Translate:
26 Odelo! Tomache! Translate:
27 Look who's being a busybody, Uso. Translate:
28 It must be tough being the senior pilot who oversees those two! Translate:
29 I just don't want my friends to die. Translate:
30 We'll begin the attack on our enemy. Translate:
31 Our target is their flagship. Translate:
32 Those tires again... Translate:
33 That's not Ms. Katejina, is it? Translate:
34 You're not getting past us! Translate:
35 You trying to stop me? Translate:
36 Could they be after the Reinforce!? Translate:
37 These beam-rifles are ineffective against those tires!?\N- They don't work!? Translate:
38 Odelo! Tomache! Translate:
39 Use me as a shield while you fight! Translate:
40 - Got it!\N- Okay! Translate:
41 What!? Translate:
42 We should just dash straight towards the earth now. Translate:
43 Will we be all right, rushing into the atmosphere during a fight? Translate:
44 We should be okay... Translate:
45 Although getting through the atmosphere in and of itself can be tricky. Translate:
46 Think you can land on earth by chasing after the Adrastea? Well I don't! Translate:
47 We're entering the atmosphere in a matter of moments! Translate:
48 All hands, prepare for re-entry! Translate:
49 Ness, prepare for communications black-out. Translate:
50 We'll inspect the damage. Translate:
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