Victory Gundam - 32 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 In the previous battle, Uso's mother was taken captive, while shortly afterwards... Translate:
2 ...Oliver Inoue used his fighter to ram into the enemy ship, and was killed. Translate:
3 However, since the Reinforce Junior left for earth in order to pursue the Motorad Squadron's fleet, Marbet has been left with no time to mourn her los Translate:
4 The Dodgore Presses Near{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
5 The Adrastea is entering. Translate:
6 Prepare the dock! Translate:
7 Have all mobile suits remain on standby! Translate:
8 Begin repairs on the ship at once! Translate:
9 We should be able to finish repairs on the front wheel in only half a day. Translate:
10 However, the League Militaire is likely to catch up to us at this point. Translate:
11 The Federal forces have yet to make a move, though... what about them? Translate:
12 I've already prepared something to deal with the League Militaire. Translate:
13 I knew I could count on my mentor to handle them. Translate:
14 This man's machine is easily capable of sinking a battleship. Translate:
15 You may enter, Broho. Translate:
16 Allow me to show those women and children what a real battle is! Translate:
17 This man...! Translate:
18 Don't be too over confident, the enemy will probably send out that white bastard they're so proud of. Translate:
19 While I understand your concern, I have absolute confidence in the Dodgore I'll be using. Translate:
20 If you'll excuse me... Translate:
21 Is it a mobile armor? Translate:
22 Something like that... although it's a bit unconventional. Translate:
23 Is he going to take it out for a test battle? Translate:
24 Leave it to him. This guy's special. Translate:
25 Don't knock into the Marilyn when you leave... Go ahead! Translate:
26 Roger. Translate:
27 Is a young Commander like that even capable of grasping the Motorad fleets true potential? Translate:
28 Operation Strategist Pippiniden, the Dodgore is taking off! Translate:
29 You're clear. Translate:
30 Is this the one!? Translate:
31 Once it's mass produced, I have little doubt that we'll be able to crush the Earth Federation in no time. Translate:
32 But the body looks fairly vulnerable... Translate:
33 No, do you see that segment there on the upper monitor there? Translate:
34 This unit is capable of redocking itself after ejecting the damaged segments during a battle. Translate:
35 Commander... I would like to observe the Dodgore's battle style as well. Please allow me to launch! Translate:
36 Really? Translate:
37 - Alright, you have my permission to observe it.\N- Sir! Translate:
38 You will proceed with the practice exercise one after another. Translate:
39 First will be Uso, followed by Odelo, and then finally Tomache. Translate:
40 Be sure to maintain your balance at all times, understand? Translate:
41 Understood. I'm landing now. Translate:
42 It's got the same feeling that the first Victory had... Translate:
43 Keep balanced as you approach! Translate:
44 Use the Apogee motor more carefully! Translate:
45 Easier said than done! Translate:
46 You all right, Odelo? Translate:
47 You really have mastered this. I admire that. Translate:
48 I CAN'T STOP! Translate:
49 Goz Barl, you understand? We're leaving. Translate:
50 - Yes, I'm ready.\N- Okay. Translate:
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