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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Uso obtained a brand new Gundam upon his return. Translate:
2 Later, he was shocked to learn that his mother Muller Miguel was related to the Gundam's development. Translate:
3 A terrible feeling overwhelmed him when he rationalized that the League Militaire's big-shots had been hiding this fact from him. Translate:
4 Mother's Gundam{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
5 You're still too distracted. Translate:
6 Concentrate harder on your goal. Translate:
7 Mother... Translate:
8 Now that you've been practicing with your right hand, why don't you try exercising your left hand? Translate:
9 Left hand? Translate:
10 It looks like you're left-handed, but you should still learn to learn to better control both hands. Translate:
11 Uso, you're getting too far ahead! Translate:
12 I'll show you that I'm capable of using both hands after all! Translate:
13 Because you keep chasing us... Translate:
14 ...if you'd just stop following us, I wouldn't have to shoot you down! Translate:
15 It's close... Translate:
16 It's Ms. Katejina! Translate:
17 PIease quit following us! Translate:
18 What's so good about Zanscare, anyway!? Translate:
19 Such determination... Translate:
20 I have no intention of letting you escape to the moon! Translate:
21 What!? Translate:
22 Wings of light!? Translate:
23 Katejina, why in the world are you hesitating!? Translate:
24 I just want to go see my mother. Translate:
25 Why are you stopping me!? Translate:
26 So you think you can evade us like that? Translate:
27 Don't underestimate me! Translate:
28 There's no escape, League Militaire! Translate:
29 Shit... It's a trap! Translate:
30 Shoot, these are mini laser-pods... Translate:
31 Ms. Marbet... Translate:
32 We all made it out of there because of those laser-pods of yours... Translate:
33 ...and because we've still got the Shrike team with us, right? Translate:
34 And all with the carrier's help, right? Translate:
35 You're getting better at these 'team plays' too, Uso. Translate:
36 It's all thanks to the upgrades. I'm returning to the White Ark. Translate:
37 Go ahead. Translate:
38 Uso, the Reinforce Junior was hit as well. We're going to have to land somewhere nearby. Translate:
39 Roger. Translate:
40 I'II get the White Ark to try to find a good Ianding site. Translate:
41 Uso's piloting the new Victory quite well. Translate:
42 That kid is something special... Translate:
43 We can't go to Saint Josef yet? Translate:
44 Yeah. Since the Reinforce Junior's in bad shape, we need to find a landing site for it first. Translate:
45 Forced to Iand... Translate:
46 To repair it. Translate:
47 Now that preparations for our fleet are complete, we can gather in formation and make our way to the earth. Translate:
48 Are the on-land tests for the Motorad Squadron proceeding smoothly? Translate:
49 Yes. However, we won't know for sure until we try using it on earth. Translate:
50 Meanwhile, I'II head to Saint Josef and attempt to scout more information about the League Militaire's intentions. Translate:
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