Victory Gundam - 29 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 A wedding was held in the prisoner camp as part of an elaborate strategy to make the soldiers lower their guard. Translate:
2 Additionally, the crew of the Reinforce Junior were able to escape while Macedonia was struck by a surprise attack from the outside. Translate:
3 However, Uso ended up getting captured by one of the enemy's Einerad armed mobile suits. Translate:
4 The New MobiIe Suit: V2 Translate:
5 You mean the group we sent to retrieve our mobile suits hasn't returned yet? Translate:
6 They're coming, just hang on! Translate:
7 Uso's still not back yet? Translate:
8 This resistance is pretty stubborn... Translate:
9 But aren't you firing on them as well? Translate:
10 Damn it, I can't fire if I'm out of ammo! Translate:
11 OdeIo... Translate:
12 Even you're helping them, Suzy! You've got to stop this! Translate:
13 The mobile suits that were on dispIay in the main square are here! Translate:
14 What're our own army's mobile suits doing!? Translate:
15 Uso's Victory isn't here with them? Translate:
16 Oliver, Marbet, Juca, and Connie are there... Translate:
17 We've gotta use our anti-MS cannons! Translate:
18 Are you serious? Translate:
19 What in the world would you do if a mobile suit engine exploded? Your space port would be smashed to bits! Translate:
20 Don't use the cannon! Translate:
21 We can't make their suits expIode! Translate:
22 This section of their colony is also linked directly to the space port block where Uso was captured by the BESPA mobile suits. Translate:
23 You're inside that thing, Ms. Katejina! Translate:
24 I know it! Translate:
25 I could hear your heavy breaths when you captured my core fighter! Translate:
26 I'm aIready aware of even your hesitation! Translate:
27 Ms. Katejina! Translate:
28 Why do you have to piIot a mobile suit!? Translate:
29 If that's the case, please go ahead and kill me right here and now! Translate:
30 You talk too much! Translate:
31 Don't even think of running away. Translate:
32 Even as a little kid, if you have the potential to transform into a Newtype, I can't let you off the hook! Translate:
33 This person's even stronger than Junko was... Translate:
34 Lt. Lupe Cineau, I...I'll let you handle it. Translate:
35 That's right, I'm more familiar than you are with handing situations like this. Translate:
36 AII personnel standby for orders! Translate:
37 Gather the mobile suits on the deck! Translate:
38 Hurry up! Translate:
39 What happened to Uso? Translate:
40 Marbet! Translate:
41 He'II be back soon, don't worry. Translate:
42 Okay? Translate:
43 You were their target. Translate:
44 Blast open the hatch in front of us! Translate:
45 Transfer all available energy to the forward bow! Translate:
46 What!? Translate:
47 I was one second too late...! Translate:
48 So the prisoners got away, including the ship you managed to capture and re-supply... Translate:
49 How are you going to explain this disgrace to the Zanscare Empire? Translate:
50 If you hadn't decided to surprise attack us, none of this would have happened at all. Translate:
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