Victory Gundam - 28 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 After using the Big Cannon to wipe out a portion of the Zanscare Empire's... Translate:
2 ...main fleet, the Reinforce Junior finds itself depleted of nearly all resources. Translate:
3 Forced to retreat, and still short handed... Translate:
4 ...they intended to take refuge in another space colony in Side 2's airspace, the colony of Macedonia. Translate:
5 However, this space colony, Macedonia, has also fallen under Zanscare's influence. Translate:
6 The Great Escapade{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
7 If anyone here in the Reinforce Junior attempts to resist, go ahead and shoot them! Translate:
8 Seize their unmanned weapons! Translate:
9 Do not resist them, act like prisoners of war. This space colony still has some connections with Zanscare. Translate:
10 Ms. Junko... we'll always be together... Translate:
11 Boy, raise your hands and come over here! Translate:
12 If you don't do as I say, I promise I'll shoot you! Translate:
13 Why are there kids in a military vessel? Translate:
14 WeIcome to Macedonia. Translate:
15 It seems that those of you who've been fighting non-stop against Zanscare and Maria's ideals finally got tired of the battles... Translate:
16 ...and found yourselves drifting all the way over here, to Macedonia. Translate:
17 I've heard that while Macedonia may be part of Zanscare's territory, Translate:
18 ...there are still many soldiers here who think independently of their ideals. Translate:
19 You'll have to foIIow the international Iaws on prisoners. Translate:
20 We'll do that for your soldiers, but the rest of you are guerilla fighters for the League Militaire. Translate:
21 Will you send them all to the guillotine? Translate:
22 With the amount you have...? Translate:
23 I'll have to think about that one... Translate:
24 Send them to the prison camp after we're done here! Translate:
25 We're gonna be separated from Tomache and Martina now... Translate:
26 At least we won't need to worry about food. Translate:
27 Move to the right! Translate:
28 Elsewhere, in Zanscare's space colony, Cronicle Asher is being briefed on his new mission assignment... Translate:
29 WeIcome, Commander CronicIe! Translate:
30 You risked your Iife to stop the Big Cannon's attack, and because of this, you've been promoted to the leader of the Motorad Corps. Translate:
31 I will also be in charge of the overall battle strategy. Translate:
32 You've clearly been working hard, mentor! Translate:
33 - There's no need for you to refer to me as that here.\N- Sir! Translate:
34 You there, Miss... Translate:
35 ...the Motorad Corps' mobile suits are a little different from what you've used before. Translate:
36 I'm fully prepared for this. Translate:
37 It's a pleasure to meet you. Translate:
38 What seed is this? Translate:
39 It doesn't have any taste... Translate:
40 How many years do you intend to stay here? Translate:
41 I Iike farming. Translate:
42 That rumor... is it true? Translate:
43 What? Translate:
44 The marriage... Translate:
45 It's true. Translate:
46 That's about the only thing there is to do in a camp like this. Translate:
47 Can't you see how laughable your own jealously looks? Translate:
48 Yeah, I know... Translate:
49 I've aIready toId everybody. They're all happy! Translate:
50 You're right, they've all got their spirit back. Translate:
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