Victory Gundam - 27 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Run! Translate:
2 Ms. Peggy! Translate:
3 The Queen of the Zanscare empire asked Uso to convince Shakti to become her heir, but he rejected her offer and was later sent to the guillotine. Translate:
4 With the help of Odelo and their group, they were able to escape from the guillotine... only to be stopped by a new and unexpected enemy. Translate:
5 {\fad(300,300)}The Light of Outer Space Translate:
6 If you didn't go this far, I never would've had to do this! Translate:
7 What? This mobile suit is hesitating... Translate:
8 That mobile suit is actually trying to go for a kill here in the capital's airspace...!? Translate:
9 It's a pretty determined pilot... Translate:
10 The shots will hit the ground at this rate...! Translate:
11 A single bad stray shot could kill everyone! Translate:
12 I'll get rid of anyone who dares to stand in Maria's way! Translate:
13 Don't use the beam rifle inside the space colony like that! Translate:
14 While it would be better than letting so many others get killed... Translate:
15 I STILL CAN'T DIE YET! Translate:
16 If you never bothered to come here, Uso... Translate:
17 ...I wouldn't have to become what I am now! Translate:
18 That voice... It's Ms. Katejina!? Translate:
19 You were so engrossed in this battle that you didn't even notice it! Translate:
20 Ms. Katejina... Translate:
21 She's using a mobile suit!? Translate:
22 Uso, what are you hesitating for? Translate:
23 Head for the space port. Odelo and Shakti are heading there as well. Translate:
24 Ms. Katejina's inside that Mobile suit! Translate:
25 Katejina? Ms. Katejina!? Translate:
26 Queen Maria wants to turn the Zanscare Empire and the Federation back over into the hands of women. Translate:
27 Why can't you comprehend what she intends to do!? Translate:
28 This one's persistent... Translate:
29 Girls that are unable to comprehend the complexities of the battlefield should stand aside! Translate:
30 You don't even understand that the guillotine's a necessary evil to silence people like yourselves! Translate:
31 You're acting strange, Katejina... you're not yourself! Translate:
32 We're going to collide... Translate:
33 Please wake up! Translate:
34 Please don't die, Ms. Katejina... Translate:
35 We have no reason to be fighting one another! Translate:
36 It's all just so weird... Translate:
37 Here it is... I hope Odelo and the others are doing alright. Translate:
38 Why can't we enter the port!? Translate:
39 There's a battle between MS happening here, inside our space colony! Translate:
40 They've sealed the space port again... what should we do? Translate:
41 If we we can't make it through here, we'll never reach the Fishbone. Translate:
42 But, they've even deployed their military here. Translate:
43 Is Uso going to be all right? Translate:
44 He'll be fine. He's already managed to escape from the guillotine. Translate:
45 Everybody, we have to run! Translate:
46 Odelo, Tomache, run! Translate:
47 There's a battle going on inside the colony!? Translate:
48 It's heading this way! Translate:
49 Uso's being chased down! Translate:
50 That Uso's flying all over the place... Translate:
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