Victory Gundam - 26 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Having been separated from the Reinforce Junior, Uso... Translate:
2 ...returned to the Zanscare homeland with the enemy fleet that was just returning home, and snuck into their harbor. Translate:
3 But, rather than use her as a weapon, Uso requested that Queen Maria come with him and act as his shield. Translate:
4 Maria and Uso{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
5 - Young Uso, this is a futile act. Please stop this!\N- Please hang on tight! Translate:
6 Move aside, your Queen is coming through! Translate:
7 There's no place for us to go on this Space Colony, we'll have to find a way to get out of here! Translate:
8 What is that thing doing!? Translate:
9 What!? Is it going to attack...!? Translate:
10 Those are some pretty sneaky tactics there, white bastard! Translate:
11 Do you want to kiII your Queen!? Translate:
12 You can't do this in front of the Zanscare population. I will NOT let the Federation use the Queen for their own purposes! Translate:
13 Is it aII right that she'll end up dying!? Translate:
14 If only I could move my body a bit more... Translate:
15 Without a hostage, you'd be finished! I'm willing to live with that! Translate:
16 What!? Translate:
17 This is Shakti's mother...! Translate:
18 Uso, keep using the Queen as a shieId! Translate:
19 It has boosters...! Translate:
20 Uso, run! Translate:
21 Ms. Marbet! Translate:
22 Let the Queen go! Translate:
23 Don't be so arrogant! Translate:
24 Run! Translate:
25 Quit struggling and let go! Translate:
26 Uso, this is a battIefieId. Translate:
27 You may even be forced to kill your own relatives... Translate:
28 If I blew up its main engine, I'd end up blowing this entire harbor block into ashes... Translate:
29 Die, pilot! Translate:
30 Ms. Peggy! Translate:
31 Uso, promise me this... Translate:
32 Promise... what? Translate:
33 That you'll live on, no matter what. Translate:
34 Live on for us. Translate:
35 Ms. Peggy! Translate:
36 CronicIe, you mustn't kill this child! Translate:
37 Why must you treat him so weII? Translate:
38 This piIot is an enemy who used you as a shield! Translate:
39 He's aIso a friend of Shakti. Translate:
40 Someone with great power. Translate:
41 AII right, we'll use the elevator to make our way inside the space colony. Translate:
42 Can we seal the entire port shut? Translate:
43 Use that one there. Translate:
44 To enter the Space colony, we... Translate:
45 The inside of Zanscare's Space Colony... Translate:
46 Well, even if it's just simulated gravity, I can finally feel my body weight again. Translate:
47 There're quite a few people there. Translate:
48 No kidding. Translate:
49 What happened at the port? Translate:
50 TeII us! Translate:
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