Victory Gundam - 23 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Infiltration of Zanscare{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 We still lost one... Translate:
3 Quit complaining! I'm still trying my best, you know? Translate:
4 This should do it. Translate:
5 Moving it now... Translate:
6 Now that we've rigged these rocks together with electrical wires... Translate:
7 ...the Aineias and the Fishbone will only look like another meteorite on radar. Translate:
8 It's so hot it hurts, but I still have things to do... Translate:
9 I've completed the inspection down below. Translate:
10 The wiring on the right side is okay as well. Translate:
11 Warren, how about you? Translate:
12 Everything's done! Translate:
13 Ms. Martina, you need any help? Translate:
14 We're almost done here too. Translate:
15 Ms. Martina? What's wrong? Translate:
16 I feel hot... and I'm getting a bit dizzy... Translate:
17 Do you feel ill? Translate:
18 I've felt a bit feverish lately, but... Translate:
19 That's not good... Translate:
20 That Warren's already getting all up in Martina's face! Translate:
21 Warren, Ms. Martina... Translate:
22 ...you're drifting too far from the ship. Translate:
23 Push her into the cabin! Translate:
24 Ms. Martina is ill! Translate:
25 Roger! Translate:
26 How's Martina doing? Translate:
27 A little bad... Translate:
28 This won't be easy... Translate:
29 We have to find a doctor to cure her and soon. Translate:
30 Then, let's get going! Translate:
31 Well... Translate:
32 The only colony close to us right now is the Zanscare Empire's capital. Translate:
33 But if we could somehow reach Dr. Watley, he may be able to secretly give her treatment. Translate:
34 But, in Zanscare, they'd treat us like war criminals. Translate:
35 Right, but... Translate:
36 Criminals... Translate:
37 But, we have no choice but to go! Translate:
38 What are you... infiltration is a serious crime! They'd send you directly to the guillotine! Translate:
39 The guillotine... Translate:
40 Hey, let me have some too. Translate:
41 - Sure.\N- Thanks. Translate:
42 There's only a bit left... Translate:
43 Hey, we're not on a tour here! Translate:
44 Get on your helmets. Translate:
45 Sir! Translate:
46 But, we had to leave for this patrol so suddenly that we've got nothing to eat. You've gotta replenish your "power" somehow. Translate:
47 Right, Mutterma Sugan's fleet was deployed throughout the rest of Side 2... Translate:
48 So the rest of our homeland security has greatly weakened, and we're the only ones left to patrol. Translate:
49 The soldiers who are living during this era of space warfare must be prepared to make sacrifices for their country. Translate:
50 It's a rock... Translate:
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