Girlfriend Experience - 2x05 - Erica & Anna 3 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Previously on The Girlfriend Experience. Translate:
2 You're beautiful. Translate:
3 I have something you\Nshould take a look at. Translate:
4 Where did you fucking get this? Translate:
5 Where did you fucking\Nget this? Answer me! Translate:
6 I want... your donor list. Translate:
7 The entire list Translate:
8 and that's just to start with. Translate:
9 Over my dead fucking body! Translate:
10 We need to ensure Translate:
11 that the regulatory rollback continues. Translate:
12 This is our chance to keep\Ncontrol of the political system Translate:
13 and protect our interests\Nfor decades to come. Translate:
14 Hope you had a good time last night. Translate:
15 Seems like you and your\Ndate enjoyed yourselves. Translate:
16 What's her name? Anna? Translate:
17 Yes. Translate:
18 She's a beautiful woman. Translate:
19 You're very lucky. Translate:
20 Thank you. Translate:
21 What can I do for you? Translate:
22 McCord needs ad money. Translate:
23 This next phase of the race is crucial. Translate:
24 - How much?\N- Ten million. Translate:
25 With continued support\Nif the race tightens. Translate:
26 Okay. If I go with McCord,\NI'll need direct access. Translate:
27 - Of course.\N- I know he'd welcome your thoughts Translate:
28 on the financial sector and tax policy. Translate:
29 I want McCord to sponsor an amendment Translate:
30 to Baden-Fost cutting\Ncapital requirements Translate:
31 for derivative trading by 50% Translate:
32 and push it through the\NSenate Banking Committee. Translate:
33 That's not possible. Translate:
34 Direct access is one thing,\Nbut determining legislation Translate:
35 one way or the other is not something Translate:
36 a donation can get you. Translate:
37 In the '80s, I told my\Npartner I wanted to raise Translate:
38 a billion dollars for\Na private equity fund Translate:
39 an unprecedented goal. Translate:
40 Neither of us had ever worked\Na day in asset management Translate:
41 but we knew there was money to be made. Translate:
42 Now, luckily, my partner\Nwas, uh, wise enough Translate:
43 to go along with my vision. Translate:
44 Then we ended up falling\Nshort of that goal Translate:
45 raising 960 million in under a year. Translate:
46 Forty short, but we took it in stride. Translate:
47 We put word out we wanted\Nto raise a billion in funds Translate:
48 and the people who would\Nhave given us 50 gave a 100. Translate:
49 We set the framework. They\Nstretched their boundaries. Translate:
50 Now, I need you to stretch yours. Translate:
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