Girlfriend Experience - 2x03 - Erica & Anna 2 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Previously on The Girlfriend Experience. Translate:
2 Do you know who I am? Translate:
3 Yes. Matt told me. Translate:
4 Did he tell you why I\Nwanted to meet with you? Translate:
5 He said you wanted to\Ntalk about Mark Novak. Translate:
6 How long have you been seeing him? Translate:
7 Nearly two months. Translate:
8 Did Matt tell you that I was the one Translate:
9 that bought the recording of\NNovak's phone conversation? Translate:
10 He told me. Translate:
11 I'd like you to keep recording him. Translate:
12 I'll pay you a lot of money. Translate:
13 How much? Translate:
14 It depends on what kind\Nof information you get. Translate:
15 What are you looking for? Translate:
16 Anything that I can use\Nas leverage against him. Translate:
17 Anything that will discredit him. Translate:
18 Why Novak? Translate:
19 Why take that kind of risk? Translate:
20 If we're gonna work\Ntogether, I need to know. Translate:
21 Because he's a misogynist\Nand a fucking pig. Translate:
22 He deserves whatever he gets. Translate:
23 Oh, I'm gonna cum on your face. Translate:
24 Oh! You got it? Translate:
25 Open your mouth. Translate:
26 Open your mouth. Translate:
27 Wider. Translate:
28 Do it! Translate:
29 That's it. Translate:
30 You fuckin' whore. Translate:
31 You fuckin' slut. Translate:
32 Who's the other woman? Translate:
33 It doesn't matter. Translate:
34 Does she know that she\Nwas being recorded? Translate:
35 No. That's why I blurred her face. Translate:
36 What's it worth? Translate:
37 - I can give you 50,000.\N- Okay. Translate:
38 How do you want the payment? Translate:
39 I have a corporate bank account. Translate:
40 You can wire it there. I'll\Ngive you the information. Translate:
41 And here. Translate:
42 I have a new phone number. Translate:
43 Thanks. Translate:
44 How are you gonna use it? Translate:
45 Are you gonna put it online? Translate:
46 Oh, I can't tell you that. Translate:
47 Are you sure you wanna\Ngo through with this? Translate:
48 Novak is gonna know\Nthat you recorded it. Translate:
49 He doesn't know where I\Nlive or my real name. Translate:
50 And I highly doubt he'll publicize it. Translate:
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