Maaya 2 Episode 10 - Almost There [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
2 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
3 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
4 {\c&H0000ff&}Greetings{\c} | {\c&H00ffff&}Re-Encoded By Nuttaput Channel {\c}\N{\c&Hffffff&}{\c} Translate:
5 Enough of you. You bastard! Translate:
6 God! Translate:
7 Hello, Simmi. Translate:
8 Hello, Beena.\N- I'm so sorry I missed your call. Translate:
9 Actually I was having breakfast and\Nthen the usual tension at the channel. Translate:
10 Beena, I am terrified.\NI can't get through to Ruhi.. Translate:
11 ..and I don't know where she's gone. Translate:
12 What do you mean, "Where she's gone?" Translate:
13 I mean when I woke up this\Nmorning I saw her message.. Translate:
14 ..which said - "We've\Nendured too much. No more." Translate:
15 I don't know what foolishness\Nshe will get in to. Translate:
16 I know one thing. Translate:
17 If she has left a message like that,\Nshe will do something foolish. Translate:
18 She'll surely do something stupid. Translate:
19 What should we do?\NI can't make sense of anything, Beena. Translate:
20 You know what? Just wait. Translate:
21 I'm going to come and pick\Nyou up in 10 minutes, okay? Translate:
22 Please. Please. Come quickly. Translate:
23 Bye. Translate:
24 Ruhi is going to Puneet's office. Translate:
25 She is capable of doing anything.\NLet's go. Translate:
26 Ruhi! Translate:
27 Ruhi, stop! Translate:
28 What do we do now?\N- Fire exit. Let's go. Let's go. Translate:
29 Ruhi. Translate:
30 Just come here.\N- No. No. Translate:
31 Just come here.\NI said, don't do this. Translate:
32 What are you doing?\NCome on. Let me go! Translate:
33 Ruhi. No. No. Translate:
34 Let me go. I will kill him. Translate:
35 Let me go!\N- Have you lost your mind? Translate:
36 We want to solve our problems,\Nnot increase them. Translate:
37 The problem will be solved,\NSimmi, when I kill him. Translate:
38 We have no alternative. Let me go! Translate:
39 I want to kill him!\N- Please. Translate:
40 Stop, Ruhi. Please.\N- Stop it! Translate:
41 We cannot do this.\NHe will win if we do this. Translate:
42 Please. Why don't you understand that? Translate:
43 I will listen to everything\Nyou say but only after killing him. Translate:
44 What is the matter with you? Translate:
45 You would have killed Puneet? Translate:
46 And then you would go to jail. Right?\N- Yes, I will go to jail. Translate:
47 At least I'll be able\Nto protect Simmi forever. Translate:
48 It is not about protecting. Translate:
49 So what am I to do? Translate:
50 Puneet will sleep\Nwith her every night.. Translate:
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