Maaya 2 Episode 6 - Hit Back [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
2 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
3 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
4 {\c&H0000ff&}Greetings{\c} | {\c&H00ffff&}Re-Encoded By Nuttaput Channel {\c}\N{\c&Hffffff&}{\c} Translate:
5 Hello.\N- Where are you, Roy? Translate:
6 I've been calling you for so long. Translate:
7 I am at home. I was asleep. Translate:
8 Sleepy head!\NIt is noon and you are still asleep. Translate:
9 Have you no shame? Translate:
10 What can I do? Translate:
11 Two girls got my\Nboss into such a jam.. Translate:
12 ..the poor chap is in jail.\NThe office is sealed. Translate:
13 Poor me. I have become unemployed. Translate:
14 Why don't you go to bed.. Translate:
15 ..and let me sleep as well. Translate:
16 We are having a party\Nbecause the boss is in jail. Translate:
17 Now get up quickly and\Nhelp me set up the party. Hurry. Translate:
18 I'm coming, mummy. I'm coming.\NHang up the phone. Coming. Coming. Translate:
19 What did you tell him in jail,\Nmy dear? Translate:
20 That I am breaking\Noff our engagement.. Translate:
21 ..and that you called\Nto inform his parents. Translate:
22 I'm glad you told him, my dear. Translate:
23 When I had to break it\Noff then why wait even one day? Translate:
24 Totally agree. Totally agree. Translate:
25 So, even Roy is ready.\NParty is fully on. Translate:
26 Ruhi, I don't think it's\Na good idea to party just yet. Translate:
27 Come on, Simmi! Translate:
28 Uncle, you talk to her. Translate:
29 Yes. Translate:
30 Ruhi is right, my dear. Translate:
31 And didn't you say why wait? Translate:
32 Then why wait to be happy? Translate:
33 Wow, uncle! What a dialogue!\N- It is hers. I am merely repeating it. Translate:
34 Well, alright. As the elders wish. Translate:
35 You must be old, not me. Translate:
36 I'll quickly go and change. Bye. Translate:
37 Okay, I'm waiting here. Translate:
38 Ruhi. Translate:
39 My girl, I'm so glad\NSimmi has you for a friend. Translate:
40 Someone who takes\Nsuch good care of her. Translate:
41 God bless you, my girl! God bless you! Translate:
42 'How long will we\Nkeep it a secret, Simmi?' Translate:
43 'We have to tell\Nyour parents someday.' Translate:
44 The same old story. Translate:
45 You know I can't tell them the truth. Translate:
46 You can't tell the truth.\NYou cannot get married. Translate:
47 You cannot tell them the\Ntruth about you. You can't be happy! Translate:
48 You are right. I have many faults. Translate:
49 Not many faults, Simmi.\NYou have only one fault. Translate:
50 Do you want to know what it is?\N- Please enlighten me. Translate:
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