Maaya 2 Episode 6 - Hit Back [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
2 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
3 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
4 {\c&H0000ff&}Greetings{\c} | {\c&H00ffff&}Re-Encoded By Nuttaput Channel {\c}\N{\c&Hffffff&}{\c} Translate:
5 Shanaya. Translate:
6 Scams take place quite\Nfrequently in our country.. Translate:
7 ..and the fraudsters flee the country. Translate:
8 One such incident\Ntook place last year. Translate:
9 Numerous people lost their\Nlives when a flyover crumbled. Translate:
10 That's right. We have learned the\Nidentity of the person behind this. Translate:
11 The CEO of Tandon Constructions,\NPuneet Tandon. Translate:
12 And to prove this the\Nevidence is on your screen. Translate:
13 Fucking bitch! Translate:
14 Hi, baby. Translate:
15 You were given to lust\Nand you did not do what you must. Translate:
16 If you had watched\Nthe video last night.. Translate:
17 ..your morning would be different. Translate:
18 Anyway, this was just business.\NNothing personal. Translate:
19 Ciao. Translate:
20 You won't be able\Nto get away with this. Translate:
21 I'll find you and I will kill you! Translate:
22 I shall find her and I will kill you! Translate:
23 Fucking bloody bitch! Translate:
24 You are under arrest, Mr. Tandon. Translate:
25 Tandon Constructions is accountable\Nfor the death of people last year.. Translate:
26 ..due to the fall of a flyover. Translate:
27 That's right.\NPuneet Tandon has been arrested. Translate:
28 My God! Translate:
29 Neelima! Translate:
30 Neelima! Translate:
31 Get back!\N- What was your motive behind this, sir? Translate:
32 I never imagined he could\Npull off such a big scam. Translate:
33 Oh my God! Translate:
34 You are right. Translate:
35 Simmi! Translate:
36 Come here, Simmi! Translate:
37 Simmi! Translate:
38 Coming, papa.\NI'm preparing tea for you. Translate:
39 Never mind the tea and come here.\NQuickly! Translate:
40 What's the matter, dad? Translate:
41 Did you know that? Translate:
42 Did you know what Puneet did? Translate:
43 Know what, dad? What has happened?\N- Watch the news. Translate:
44 Read the headlines. Translate:
45 They claim he has\Nembezzled Government money. Translate:
46 There's some housing scheme that he.. Translate:
47 Did you know about this? Translate:
48 Did you know? Translate:
49 Simmi, I asked you a question. Translate:
50 Tell me. Translate:
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