Maaya 2 Episode 4 - Giving Up [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
2 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
3 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
4 {\c&H0000ff&}Greetings{\c} | {\c&H00ffff&}Re-Encoded By Nuttaput Channel {\c}\N{\c&Hffffff&}{\c} Translate:
5 I don't understand. Translate:
6 Simmi turned her back on you? Why? Translate:
7 I don't have the answer\Nto that even today.. Translate:
8 ..but when I think about it I feel.. Translate:
9 ..maybe Simmi felt all her problems\Nbegan since I entered her life. Translate:
10 If she hadn't met me,\Nshe would not meet herself. Translate:
11 If she hadn't met herself\Nshe would not drift away from Puneet. Translate:
12 What the hell! Translate:
13 What happened? Translate:
14 Come here.\N- Simmi, you took so long to get here. Translate:
15 Look.. Translate:
16 What happened to you? Translate:
17 Come here.\NCome over here. Translate:
18 Sit. Sit, sit. Translate:
19 What happened to you, my dear?\N- Simmi! Translate:
20 You're hurt so badly?\N- Simmi! Translate:
21 What happened, my dear?\NHow did you get hurt so badly? Translate:
22 Tell us what happened.\N- Will you say something? Translate:
23 I was crossing the road. Translate:
24 Yes.\N- Yes. Translate:
25 I didn't realize.\N- What do you mean you did not realize? Translate:
26 You had an accident. Translate:
27 Don't you have a cell phone? Translate:
28 Couldn't you make one call to me?\N- Let me take a look, uncle. Translate:
29 She is hurt so bad.\N- Yes, I.. Translate:
30 What happened? Translate:
31 Easy, son. Translate:
32 This won't get better with first aid.\NI'll have to take her to the hospital. Translate:
33 Y'all stay here, I'll take her..\NLet's go. Come with me. Translate:
34 I'll accompany you.\N- No, no. Translate:
35 Uncle, please stay here.\NI'll take care of this. Translate:
36 Please. Translate:
37 Come along.\NI'll take care of it, aunty. Please. Translate:
38 Please sit. Translate:
39 Don't take stress. Translate:
40 What is the matter\Nwith everyone today? Translate:
41 Sir.\N- Yes. Translate:
42 You cannot park here. Translate:
43 It is an emergency.\NShe has to go inside. Translate:
44 Have you come to watch\Na movie in an emergency, sir? Translate:
45 Lower your voice when\Ntalking to me. Get it? Translate:
46 I'll give you some money.\N- I don't want money. Translate:
47 Please reverse your\Ncar and park over there. Translate:
48 Wait for one second.\NWait right here for a second. Translate:
49 What are you doing?\NLet me park the car. Translate:
50 I'll wait for you inside.\N- You are strange! Translate:
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