Maaya 2 Episode 1- Odd Couple [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [phinrada]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
2 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
3 {\c&H0c0cf5&} Translate:
4 {\c&H0000ff&}Greetings{\c} | {\c&H00ffff&}Re-Encoded By Nuttaput Channel{\c}\N{\c&Hffffff&}{\c} Translate:
5 Excuse me. Translate:
6 Ruhi ma'am,\Nwhat are you doing here? Translate:
7 Standby for phono. News Editor. Translate:
8 Deccan Plateau magazine.\NKewal Kashyap. Beena, go! Translate:
9 And now we have\Non the phone line with us.. Translate:
10 ..Mr. Kewal Kashyap,\Nthe Editor of Deccan Plateau Magazine. Translate:
11 So, Mr. Kashyap.. Translate:
12 ..once again there's been a\Nviolation of ceasefire at the border. Translate:
13 Once again innocent\Nvillagers have died. Translate:
14 How long will this go on? Translate:
15 Ms. Beena,\Nthis is a kind of proxy war. Translate:
16 This will go on until the\Nreal problems are brought to the forefront. Translate:
17 Ruhi! Translate:
18 Oh my God! Translate:
19 It's been so long. Translate:
20 It took you six months\Nto come see your best friend? Translate:
21 I'm sorry. I was a little caught\Nup with something. That's all. Translate:
22 Seems to me like your\Nproblem is still unresolved. Translate:
23 Kind of.\N- Come. Translate:
24 Let's go talk in the cabin. Come. Translate:
25 Now tell me what is this problem.. Translate:
26 ..that keeps my best friend\Naway from me for six months. Translate:
27 It's not that, Beena. Translate:
28 The point is I disappeared\Non you for the past six months.. Translate:
29 ..and now that I\Nsuddenly need you, I'm here. Translate:
30 I feel a bit selfish, you know and.. Translate:
31 Oh, hello. Shut up! Translate:
32 You are not selfish. Translate:
33 Your elder brother is.. Translate:
34 ..which is why I broke up with him. Translate:
35 And you know what? Translate:
36 If you'd been selfish I\Nwouldn't have been in touch with you.. Translate:
37 ..and we wouldn't\Nhave been best friends. Translate:
38 Come on. Don't waste time.\NTell me. What is the matter? Translate:
39 Simmi. Translate:
40 Simmi Sood. Translate:
41 Hmm. New fling? Translate:
42 Not a fling. Translate:
43 What is this suspense, Ruhi? Translate:
44 If you don't tell me what\Nthe matter is, how will I help you? Translate:
45 Beena, you know I am an architect\Nin Puneet Tandon's Company, right? Translate:
46 So this is the parking.\NThis is the lobby.. Translate:
47 ..and this is the blank of elevators. Translate:
48 So, Mr. Malhotra,\Ndo you like what you see? Translate:
49 Ruhi, like it? I love it! Translate:
50 And this has become\Na formality with you. Translate:
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