Esteros (2016) [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [jaideejung007]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
351 "Guabiyu". Translate:
352 Very good. Translate:
353 The whole lesson. Translate:
354 You just forgot about the piranhas. Translate:
355 There are wolf fishes,\Nthat's for sure. Translate:
356 Yes, sure. Translate:
357 And alligators? Are there any here? Translate:
358 Down there for sure... Translate:
359 And over here too. Translate:
360 My favorite spot. Translate:
361 It feels strange to be\Nhere with somebody else. Translate:
362 Didn't you bring anybody\Nhere in all this time? Translate:
363 This is the Sleeping Beauty's castle,\Nwhere nobody has ever come to kiss her. Translate:
364 You're so funny... Translate:
365 You know, Matu, It's easier for me\Nto share the monsters than these things. Translate:
366 It never happened, and I just\Ncouldn't share this with anybody. Translate:
367 It looks really good. Translate:
368 I'm starving... Translate:
369 - I didn't realize.\N- I did. Translate:
370 My belly was calling me. Translate:
371 No, I didn't realize\Nhow much I missed all of this. Translate:
372 The estuaries call you. Translate:
373 Yes, but it's not only that. Translate:
374 Sometimes I think\Nwhat would have happened if... Translate:
375 - If you hadn't left?\N- Yes. Translate:
376 I can picture it. Translate:
377 You'd be a real local. Translate:
378 Maybe we could have ended like\NTom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Translate:
379 You're so crappy sometimes. Translate:
380 Don't you ever wonder? Translate:
381 Yes, of course I do. Translate:
382 I wonder what it would be like to wake up with\Nsomeone you really want to be there with you. Translate:
383 Alright. That's fine Translate:
384 Now are you going to tell me\Nthat you dream of growing old with someone? Translate:
385 Of course, Tom Sawyer.\NAnd of buying blue cheese for him. Translate:
386 Sometimes I feel like you are dampened. Translate:
387 - Dampened?\N- Yes, dampened. Translate:
388 Like those old TVs in hotel rooms which can\Nonly get the volume up to certain level. Translate:
389 Yes.\NJust like that. Translate:
390 But not always. Like right now. Translate:
391 Maybe... Translate:
392 Maybe I am dampened.\NBut what about you? Translate:
393 You're the Bonsai Kid. Translate:
394 A fine super hero. Translate:
395 You don't even look for a good job,\Nyou don't make movies. Translate:
396 Your love stories are so bonsai... Translate:
397 One or two good fucks,\Na goodbye and that's it. Translate:
398 It's not all the same, man. Translate:
399 And by the way, you and Rochi\Nare not really examples to follow, are you? Translate:
400 - What do you know about Rochi?\N- No need to know more. Translate:
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