Esteros (2016) [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [jaideejung007]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
251 If you guys want to come,\Nmy parents would be delighted. Translate:
252 I'm not really a country girl. Translate:
253 And tomorrow I'm seeing Mariela.\NShe needs help with the new furniture. Translate:
254 I forgot about it. Translate:
255 Why don't you guys go?\NI can stay with the girls. Translate:
256 A day in the country.\NMy parents will be glad to see you again. Translate:
257 - Are you sure?\N- Yes, definitely. Translate:
258 You always talk about the estuaries.\NIt's been a while since you've been there. Translate:
259 - Ok, yes fine.\N- I'll pick you up. Translate:
260 But on one condition.\NWe take Mariela's car. Translate:
261 I don't trust this old truck of yours. Translate:
262 That old truck will get us\Nstuck in the middle of the road. Translate:
263 - You're such a sissy now.\N- I'll go to the restroom. Translate:
264 Were you very close friends? Translate:
265 Our parents. Translate:
266 We spent a lot of time together.\NEspecially during summer time. Translate:
267 Matias always talks about the estuaries,\Nthe house, the lagoon, the animals. Translate:
268 He even remembers the names\Nof the plants his mom used to have. Translate:
269 The gardening fanatic was actually my mom. Translate:
270 I don't get it.\NThat house belonged to your family? Translate:
271 Of course. Translate:
272 We used to go every summer over there.\NAnd Matias used to come with us. Translate:
273 But... Matias never told me about you. Translate:
274 Knowing him, I'm not surprised. Translate:
275 The first time that I made\Nlove with somebody... Translate:
276 He was my boyfriend. Everybody\Nthought that we would be together. Translate:
277 But it didn't work. Translate:
278 Did you love him? Translate:
279 Yes, sure. He was handsome,\Nintelligent, we were close... Translate:
280 But sometimes it's not enough. Translate:
281 It didn't work. I tried... Translate:
282 Sometimes I have the impression that\Nour story is a bit like that. Translate:
283 How? Translate:
284 Like me with him. Translate:
285 When I was next to him and... Translate:
286 I always had to remind myself\Nthat I loved him, you know? Translate:
287 Can we stay here tomorrow? We could\Nstay in bed and relax all day long. Translate:
288 And don't tell me that I've made plans\Nwith Mariela and that I can't stand her up. Translate:
289 Don't be lazy. Translate:
290 You want to go back, don't you? Translate:
291 I want to see to the farm. Translate:
292 Are you thirsty? Translate:
293 You can't say that all\Nthe companies are the devil. Translate:
294 They all do what we know they do. Translate:
295 I'm working at one of them and\Nit seems to me things are better now. Translate:
296 For sure. Translate:
297 Are you going to tell me that the estuaries\Nare better with the rice fields? Translate:
298 Not the estuaries, but the city is. Translate:
299 - The city? Libres?\N- Yes, Libres. Translate:
300 With the rice fields,\Nthe winner is always the same one. Translate:
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