Shingeki no Kyojin s3 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [tone3087]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
301 Don't you dare move. Translate:
302 Conny! Is it really just the four of them?! Translate:
303 Yeah, that's it! Translate:
304 Nobody else in the area! Translate:
305 If you move again, who knows where I'll hit? Translate:
306 All right! First, we tie these guys up,\Nthen we meet up with the captain. Translate:
307 What do you mean? Translate:
308 Captain's orders, and \Nhe sends a message, too. Translate:
309 Hey! Get outta the way! Translate:
310 Captain? Translate:
311 Well? Translate:
312 The road is crowded, but nothing unusual. Translate:
313 It's not much farther to Commander Pyxis'. Translate:
314 How's the body double mission? Translate:
315 A success. Translate:
316 And yet, you don't look that happy... Translate:
317 No... Translate:
318 Something is wrong... Translate:
319 The Military Police can't be behind this. Translate:
320 They're far too arrogant. \NThey wouldn't use amateurs. Translate:
321 This is more like... Translate:
322 Assuming the wagon was being followed... Translate:
323 And the group was trailing their target... Translate:
324 Captain. Translate:
325 The wagon's almost moving again. Translate:
326 Nifa, have you heard about Kenny the Ripper? Translate:
327 The mass-murderer in the capital? Translate:
328 The one that slit the throats \Nof over 100 Military Police? Translate:
329 That's just an urban legend \Nfrom years ago, right? Translate:
330 He is real, and the stories are true. Translate:
331 Huh? Translate:
332 I lived with him for a \Nwhile when I was a kid. Translate:
333 What? Why would you even say that? Translate:
334 This isn't the time to be making jokes. Translate:
335 That's right... He wouldn't \Ncare about using amateurs. Translate:
336 If a group was trailing their target,\Nit would be from both rear angles, and... Translate:
337 ...a place high up, with a view... Translate:
338 Nifa! Translate:
339 Yo, Levi. Translate:
340 You grown any yet? Translate:
341 Oh? It don't look like you changed at all! Translate:
342 Kenny! Translate:
343 Kenny and Levi meet again. Translate:
344 The enemy's target was Eren and Historia. Translate:
345 In order to get them back, Levi and\Nthe others must take aim and shoot. Translate:
346 Next episode: "Pain." Translate:
347 "Pain" Translate:
348 Translate:
349 Translate:
350 Translate:
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