Shingeki no Kyojin s3 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [tone3087]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
251 Oh! Today must be the anniversary\Nof the King's coronation. Translate:
252 Once a year, they hand out a haul of rations. Translate:
253 Oh... Translate:
254 We'll begin handing out rations! Translate:
255 King Fritz has heard of Trost District's hardship\Nand will donate the royal family's reserves! Translate:
256 There's enough for everyone! Line up orderly! Translate:
257 --Thank goodness! Translate:
258 --Long live King Fritz!\N--Thank goodness! Translate:
259 What a King! He sure is generous! Translate:
260 He's got more than he knows what to do with. Translate:
261 People are weak, especially \Nwhen baited with food. Translate:
262 By handing out those rations,\Nover 60% of the reserves are gone. Translate:
263 Don't you think it's a bit too much for\Nraising the people's morale, Lord Reiss? Translate:
264 It's necessary. There was a need to raise\Nthe public's approval of the royal family. Translate:
265 More importantly, we need \Nthat power and the vessel. Translate:
266 And we must hurry. Translate:
267 The Military Police failed again? Translate:
268 I'll return and continue the hunt at once. Translate:
269 No, we'll soon have what we need. Translate:
270 "That" is set in motion. Translate:
271 Watch out! Behind us! Translate:
272 Armi-- Translate:
273 I mean, Christa and Eren! Translate:
274 They got snatched away again! Translate:
275 Will it really work? Translate:
276 He looks absolutely nothing like me... Translate:
277 That horse face? Yeah right... Translate:
278 Yeah? You like that? Let me hear you moan. Translate:
279 Well? How's that? Doesn't it feel good? Translate:
280 I'm just dying to hear \Nyour cute little voice. Translate:
281 This is why I didn't wanna go\Nthrough this shit a second time! Translate:
282 Screw being his body double! Translate:
283 Shes more muscular than I expected Translate:
284 How's it going inside? Translate:
285 If we don't hurry, they'll \Nsee through Armin's disguise. Translate:
286 And I feel bad for him... Translate:
287 I see. Translate:
288 How is your leg? Any better? Translate:
289 I can move well enough. It's not bad. Translate:
290 More importantly, these kidnappers...\NThey're nothing but amateurs. Translate:
291 Why would they be using guys like this? Translate:
292 You can handle the rest on your own.\NI'm heading for Eren. Translate:
293 Once you've dealt with the trash,\Ncome and meet up with me. Translate:
294 Roger. Translate:
295 One more thing... I'll \Ntell you, just in case. Translate:
296 Tell Armin and the others, too. Translate:
297 You're sure, without a doubt, \Nit's Christa and Eren? Translate:
298 Yes, they match the description. Translate:
299 Huh? Where's the guard? Translate:
300 What the--?! Translate:
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