Shingeki no Kyojin s3 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [tone3087]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
201 Captain Levi. Translate:
202 A message from Commander Erwin. Translate:
203 I went to tell him about Pastor Nick,\Nbut he sent me off with this. Translate:
204 Everyone, out. We leave now. Translate:
205 Leave no trace we were here. Translate:
206 That was close... Translate:
207 If we hadn't left right then,\Nwhat would've happened to us? Translate:
208 But why? What would make Commander Erwin...? Translate:
209 New orders came from the government. Translate:
210 There's been a freeze on all Scout\NRegiment activity outside the wall. Translate:
211 They're telling us to hand \Nover Eren and Historia. Translate:
212 By the way, right after \Nhe gave me the message... Translate:
213 ...the Military Police came for him... Translate:
214 That's treating him like \Nsome sort of criminal! Translate:
215 Someone's not working \Nfrom the shadows anymore. Translate:
216 They're moving for all eyes to see. Translate:
217 To go that far to protect \Nthe wall's secrets... Translate:
218 What's more, why do they want us\Nto hand over Eren and Historia? Translate:
219 Not to kill, but for them to obtain? Translate:
220 Who knows? Translate:
221 Anyways, it's clear the \Nenemy is after these two. Translate:
222 Loitering around here is dangerous. Translate:
223 We're moving her and Eren to Trost District. Translate:
224 Why? That's the same place \NPastor Nick was killed. Translate:
225 It's worse to head towards the interior. Translate:
226 With Trost in a panic, it \Nshould be easy to slip in. Translate:
227 And if somehow it comes down to it,\Nwe can use these in the city. Translate:
228 True... Translate:
229 Plus, not knowing the enemy \Nputs us in a tough spot. Translate:
230 We need to find out who's behind this. Translate:
231 Hange, lend me some of your squad. Translate:
232 Of course. Translate:
233 All right, I'm going after Erwin. Translate:
234 Moblit's with me. The rest \Nof you will follow Levi. Translate:
235 Roger! Translate:
236 Hange! Translate:
237 Here... Translate:
238 I remembered a conversation\Nbetween Ymir and Bertholdt. Translate:
239 Didn't get time to tell you, but it's here. Translate:
240 All right. Translate:
241 I'll take a look at it later. Translate:
242 Hiyaah! Translate:
243 They're rather quick on the move. Translate:
244 Hmph... It's because that\Nlittle runt is actually disciplined. Translate:
245 An acquaintance of yours? Translate:
246 An old one. Translate:
247 "Information Available for Public Disclosure"\N"Titan Bodies"\N"The body of every Titan varies significantly,\N but each has a weak point\N of height Translate:
248 Try not to walk in a \Ncluster. We'll stand out. Translate:
249 Eren and Historia, just walk normal. Translate:
250 Why is the royal family's \Nflag hanging everywhere? Translate:
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