Shingeki no Kyojin s3 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [tone3087]

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151 Unlike you useless goons, us valuable\Nsoldiers are busy getting things done. Translate:
152 Oh! So that's how it is! Translate:
153 You're right, I'm worthless, really. Translate:
154 I'm so lucky to meet great soldiers like you. Translate:
155 Let me shake your hand! Translate:
156 I see... So poor Nick was robbed... Translate:
157 Such a pity... Translate:
158 Did he ever have stuff worth \Nstealing in the first place? Translate:
159 Of course. Translate:
160 Everyone knows the Church's trinkets\Nare made from valuable iron. Translate:
161 Huh?! Translate:
162 Nick was a pastor for \Nthe Order of the Walls?! Translate:
163 What are you talking about? Translate:
164 He was a friend of mine on personal terms... Translate:
165 But, as far as I knew the man, \Nhe was just a chair-maker. Translate:
166 I even wrote that on his application here... Translate:
167 Dammit, stop-- Translate:
168 Though, I guess this only means I never\Nknew Nick as well as I thought I did... Translate:
169 Hey! Let go! Translate:
170 Oh, I'm sorry! Forgive me! Translate:
171 Well then, good luck with the investigation. Translate:
172 When you capture the culprit, \Nplease tell them this... Translate:
173 The things you did to him,\Nperhaps you felt were righteous and just. Translate:
174 But, personally, I couldn't \Ncare less about any of that. Translate:
175 To you scoundrels, I will ensure\Nyou're tortured alive like my friend, Translate:
176 and experience suffering above\Nand beyond what you did to him. Translate:
177 Yes, you'll be sorry! Translate:
178 Pass along that message. Excuse us. Translate:
179 Section Commander, do \Nyou think they really--? Translate:
180 Yeah... First Interior Squad, Djel Sannes. Translate:
181 All the skin on his fist was split. Translate:
182 Nick was tortured by the \NInterior Military Police... Translate:
183 And then murdered... Translate:
184 I figured the Church would want to deal with Nick\Nsince he was cooperating with the Scouts. Translate:
185 That's why I hid his identity and\Nhad him stay in the barracks, but... Translate:
186 To think they would use \Nsoldiers to kill him... Translate:
187 I was too careless. Translate:
188 It's entirely my fault. Translate:
189 The Military Police... Did they torture Pastor Nick\Njust to find out what information he spilled to us? Translate:
190 Most likely. Translate:
191 But it was the Interior Military Police,\Nwhich means there's something more behind it. Translate:
192 So, how many nails did Nick have ripped off? Translate:
193 Huh? Translate:
194 You saw, right? How many? Translate:
195 I only caught a glimpse of him,\Nbut all the nails that I could see. Translate:
196 People that talk, talk after one. If they don't,\Npeeling more won't make a difference. Translate:
197 Pastor Nick... I thought \Nhe was an idiot, but... Translate:
198 He didn't turn away from what\Nhe believed, all the way till the end. Translate:
199 In other words, they have no idea\Nwe've caught wind of the Reiss family. Translate:
200 Though, someone in the government is up\Nto no good, and their eyes are fixed on us. Translate:
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