Shingeki no Kyojin s3 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [tone3087]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
101 Mikasa? Translate:
102 Yeah. Translate:
103 Must be nice. Translate:
104 You and the others... You have goals in mind,\Neven though they won't be easy. Translate:
105 But me, now that Ymir is gone...\NI don't even know what I want. Translate:
106 Don't you want to save Ymir, though? Translate:
107 Yeah, but... Translate:
108 Back then, I couldn't believe what she did...\NThough, it's true I wanted to save her. Translate:
109 But now, I'm thinking differently. Translate:
110 Ymir chose her own path in life. Translate:
111 I have no right to change \Nthat... and no need to. Translate:
112 Finally, you're talking again. Translate:
113 Huh? Translate:
114 When we came here,\Nyou told us all about yourself, but... Translate:
115 Since then, you haven't smiled once,\Nand you rarely talk either. Translate:
116 Because it's a pain. Translate:
117 Sorry. Translate:
118 That good-girl Christa who was\Nnice to everyone is gone now. Translate:
119 Nah, I think it's better this way. Translate:
120 Huh? Translate:
121 Before, it felt like you \Nalways put on a facade. Translate:
122 It was so forced and \Nunnatural, it made me sick. Translate:
123 I see... Translate:
124 But, the you right now is pretty normal. Translate:
125 A stupidly honest, but normal girl. Translate:
126 Anyways, you have plenty of \Ntime to think about Ymir. Translate:
127 In a lot of ways, I... Translate:
128 Wait... Wasn't that...? Translate:
129 Hange and the others arrived! Translate:
130 Gather in the main room! Translate:
131 Huh? What was that? Translate:
132 He's dead... Pastor Nick. Translate:
133 He was murdered. Translate:
134 This morning, in the Trost District barracks. Translate:
135 Hey! Translate:
136 You'll disrupt the crime \Nscene, you damn Scout! Translate:
137 Don't get any closer. Translate:
138 This is our job, not yours. Translate:
139 It's another robbery-murder.\NThey've been springing up a lot lately. Translate:
140 Wha--?! I'm not buying that! Translate:
141 His nails were torn off! Translate:
142 Which unit are you in? Translate:
143 Fourth Squad Section Commander Hange Zo\Nand Executive Officer Moblit Berner. Translate:
144 Your ranks mean practically nothing\Nwhen your branch is the trash that it is. Translate:
145 Listen here... It was no \NTitan that killed that man. Translate:
146 A person killed another person. Translate:
147 This work is out of your league. Translate:
148 First Interior Squad? Translate:
149 Why? What's the capital's Military Police\Ndoing down south in Trost? Translate:
150 What's so strange about it? Translate:
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