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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [monkunzero4]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
351 Move! You piece of junk Medarot!! Translate:
352 What? Translate:
353 It's moving! Translate:
354 He avoided it! Translate:
355 He's moving faster and faster, yeah? Translate:
356 You two, be my shield! Translate:
357 That's too mean, yeah? Translate:
358 You wanna have it all for yourself, don't you? Translate:
359 Go! Metabee!! Translate:
360 I-I declare defeat. Translate:
361 The winner is Metabee!! Translate:
362 We did it! Translate:
363 That's what you get! Translate:
364 That's our Boss. She's quick to change sides. Translate:
365 That power, could it be...? Translate:
366 That rare Medal... Translate:
367 Well Arika? Tomorrow's front page is decided, right? Translate:
368 "Ikki defeats the Medarot Hunters during his first fight!" Translate:
369 What are you saying? You ran away, didn't you? Translate:
370 Thanks to you I couldn't get any pictures. Translate:
371 Jeez, you always make a mess... Translate:
372 But, that was all to save yo- Translate:
373 No excuses! Translate:
374 And by the way, you were not \Nthe one doing the fighting. It was Metabee. Translate:
375 Aw come on! That was all thanks to me \Nbrilliantly operating my Medarot, you see... Translate:
376 You...called me a "piece of junk Medarot" before, didn't you. Translate:
377 Who's the piece of junk exactly? Translate:
378 Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch ouch! Translate:
379 Wait! You should be serving your master as a good Medarot! Translate:
380 I guess it really was a defective product after all... Translate:
381 - Wait a second!\N- Don't mess with me! Translate:
382 Metabee!! Translate:
383 This \NWeek's Translate:
384 Acquired \NParts Translate:
385 {\pos(580,269.333)}Ability: Gunpowder \NBehaviour: Automatic aim\N Has high attack and piercing power Translate:
386 {\pos(578.664,225.333)}Traded back to Iwanoi \Nto make him stop crying. Translate:
387 {\pos(73.611,396)}Ability: Enemy search Behaviour: Support \N\NHas neither power or defence.\N\Nnot viable in an actual battle Translate:
388 Both the days that bring me a smile and those that make me cry Translate:
389 melt away in the orange coloured sky. Translate:
390 I will always fight by your side Translate:
391 believing in your eyes that burn with power! Translate:
392 Love! Hate! Translate:
393 In the end I do love you! Translate:
394 Happiness My beating heart Translate:
395 My heart is throbbing and it won't stop! Translate:
396 My dream comes alive Translate:
397 Always aim for tomorrow! Translate:
398 Sparkling Scintillating Translate:
399 Let's start running full speed! Translate:
400 Yo, Metabee here! I looked cool didn't I? Translate:
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