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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
301 This is... Translate:
302 It's a Medarotch. Translate:
303 If you put the Medal inside, \Nyou'll always be able to call out your Medarot. Translate:
304 Metal Beetle, or Metabee, and have it \Nappear next to you wherever you are. Translate:
305 My Medarot... Translate:
306 Metabee! Translate:
307 This is all I can help you with. Translate:
308 I'll watch over Metabee. You hurry up and go! Translate:
309 Wait! That Medal... Translate:
310 C'mon! Let's fight, yeah? Translate:
311 You just have to stay there and shut up! Translate:
312 Arika-chan! Translate:
313 Don't worry Brass! I won't make you fight against these jerks. Translate:
314 A battle is a matter of luck, yeah? Translate:
315 You won't know until you try, yeah? Translate:
316 Bad girls who don't do as they're told need punishment, yeah? Translate:
317 Stop right there! Translate:
318 Get away from Arika!! Translate:
319 Ikki! Translate:
320 What did you come here for, you're just Ikki! Translate:
321 Medarot, Transport! Translate:
322 Laaaaaaaame!! Translate:
323 That's an old ass model, yeah? Translate:
324 A Medarot battle is not decided \Nonly by a Medarot's power or model. Translate:
325 The courage and spirit of the one guiding\Nthe Medarot, the Medarotter are what matters! Translate:
326 Oh yeah? Translate:
327 I accept your challenge! Translate:
328 Both participants agree, right? Translate:
329 At this moment this battle has been recognized as an official Robattle. Translate:
330 That's why I, Mr. Uruchi, will be serving as referee. Translate:
331 Very well. Translate:
332 Robattle... Translate:
333 FIGHT!! Translate:
334 Let's go! Metabee!! Translate:
335 Huh? Translate:
336 It's not even moving! Translate:
337 Move! Move, dammit! Translate:
338 What the hell do you think you can do against us... Translate:
339 ...with that old ass Medarot, yeah? Translate:
340 Now, Hellphoenix! Infernal Flame! Translate:
341 Alright! Time to finish this. Translate:
342 Okay! I'll end this with this Death Bomb I got from that kid yesterday. Translate:
343 Yeah! That's an honour! Translate:
344 Boss... Translate:
345 Why? Why? Why aren't you moving? Translate:
346 I built you up right, I'm sure of it! Translate:
347 Losing without even moving \Nafter I've come all the way here... Translate:
348 No way I can accept that!! Translate:
349 I even saved up my allowance for this!\NAre you telling me it was all for nothing? Translate:
350 Darn it!! Translate:
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