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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
251 Brass! Translate:
252 Hey little girl, you sure have a great Medarot! Translate:
253 Why don't you have a Robattle with us, yeah? Translate:
254 Stop it! Don't touch Arika!! Translate:
255 What did ya say, yeah? Translate:
256 Ya wanna piece of me? Translate:
257 Ikki! Translate:
258 That's no good, Bro! Translate:
259 This one is just a newbie with no Medarot. Translate:
260 What? He {\i1}still{\i0} doesn't have one?? Translate:
261 What an idiot! You're laaaaaaaame!! Translate:
262 To a guy who doesn't even have a Medarot... Translate:
263 I don't have anything to say!! Translate:
264 Ikki! Translate:
265 What do I do? What do I do? Translate:
266 Arika is in trouble! I have to find a grown up, fast! Translate:
267 Are you running away? Translate:
268 Eh? Translate:
269 W-What else can I do? They're grown ups! Translate:
270 Please help me old man! Arika is in danger! Translate:
271 You, did you protect her on your own? Translate:
272 She's fighting alone, right? Translate:
273 What're you gonna do if running away is your first choice? Translate:
274 There are many ways to fight a battle, y'know. Translate:
275 What decides the end to a man's battle... Translate:
276 that is... Translate:
277 A burning spirit, boy. Translate:
278 Spirit! Translate:
279 I can see you too have a burning spirit in you. Translate:
280 A burning spirit and a gentle heart. Translate:
281 You can't call yourself a man if you don't have both. Translate:
282 That's why... Translate:
283 ...do you want one of this chicks? Translate:
284 What? Where? Where? Translate:
285 A burning spirit! Translate:
286 There {\i1}is{\i0} a way to fight this! Translate:
287 Sell me that Medarot! Translate:
288 You... Translate:
289 {\i1}At this moment, the shopkeeper Hikaru understood everything.{\i0} Translate:
290 {\i1}The boy had to fight an important battle.{\i0} Translate:
291 Sold! Translate:
292 Thanks! Translate:
293 A Medarot is composed of three components. Translate:
294 First, the Tinpet contains the skeleton and the nerves. Translate:
295 Second, the different Parts that decide \Nthe Medarot's ability and make up its armour. Translate:
296 Lastly, the Medal you insert \Nin the slot on the back of your Medarot. Translate:
297 When you do, the Medal becomes your Medarot's spirit. Translate:
298 Spirit... Translate:
299 Wait! Translate:
300 It's on the house. You don't have time, right? Translate:
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