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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
201 {\c&H000000&\3c&HE1D6DE&\frz359.4\pos(460.88,227.067)}Don't \Nenter \Nas you \Nplease! Translate:
202 {\fs24\c&H000000&\3c&HD7D5D9&\frz359.4\pos(563.439,395.734)}Great victory\Nfor SCREWS!! Translate:
203 What?! You were attacked by the Medarot hunters?! Translate:
204 Those guys are terrible! Translate:
205 Even though they're grown up they attacked me all at once, calling it an "handicap match"! Three against one!! Translate:
206 Don't cry Iwanoi! Translate:
207 I will avenge you so don't worry! Translate:
208 This is a scoop alright. Translate:
209 Whatcha doing Arika? Translate:
210 Gathering info. Like, the journalist blood in me is boiling, you know? Translate:
211 C'mon. Let's go! Translate:
212 Yeah well, give it your best! Translate:
213 What are you saying? You're coming with me! Translate:
214 Is this the place where those Medarot Hunters attacked you? Translate:
215 Yup, this is it! Translate:
216 I was walking down this street when they suddenly came out of the shadows! Translate:
217 So the Medarot Hunters were here... Translate:
218 Let's go back! Translate:
219 They're not gonna appear in the same place everyday! Translate:
220 What are you talking about? Being on the look-out is the basics of investigation! Translate:
221 They started moving! Translate:
222 Ok, we're going after them. Translate:
223 Is it them, the guys who attacked you? Translate:
224 Who are you taking me for? I'm a member of Screws too, those kinds of guys wouldn't- Translate:
225 Look who it is! You're that guy with the newbie Medarot from last night. Translate:
226 It's us, dude. Us! Translate:
227 Uhmm... Translate:
228 Oh, seems you don't recognize us, yeah? Translate:
229 Wait a sec! Translate:
230 Sorry for the wait, BABYYYYYYYY! Translate:
231 Ahh! Boss, it's these guys!! Translate:
232 They're the ones who took away \Nthe Part I bought for my Cyandog last night! Translate:
233 You! Translate:
234 You sure had your fun with my henchman! Translate:
235 Shut up, yeah? Translate:
236 So what if we did, huh? Translate:
237 That's Kikuhime for you.\NEven against grown ups, she won't back down. Translate:
238 She's not the Boss of Screws just for show after all. Translate:
239 Please take me as your apprentice. Translate:
240 What the hell was that?! Translate:
241 You coward! Translate:
242 Wh-Who're you guys? Translate:
243 Do we get them, Bro? Translate:
244 Sh-She's turned to their side. Translate:
245 Shut up! I only fight when I know I can win!! Translate:
246 You're so good at choosing sides, Boss... Translate:
247 Bringing cameras and audio recorders inside is forbidden, yeah? Translate:
248 Arika-chan! Translate:
249 {\fad(400,300)}DVL-type Medarot\N\N\N\N\N\N{\fs48}BLACKMAIL Translate:
250 {\fad(400,300)}PHX-type Medarot\N\N\N\N\N\N{\fs48}HELLPHOENIX Translate:
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