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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
151 Isn't it an antique? Translate:
152 Does it even move? Translate:
153 It better not be a stock left-over! Translate:
154 Yeah yeah yeah! Translate:
155 Maybe it's defective. Translate:
156 I can't believe you're trying to sell this piece of crap! Translate:
157 I mean, I could think about it \Nif you were giving it to me for free... Translate:
159 Who's gonna buy an old ass Medarot like that? Translate:
160 If you ever buy that uncool Medarot we're through, ok? Translate:
161 What the hell is that? Translate:
162 Arika-chan! Translate:
163 Ah, Brass. Translate:
164 Oh, Ikki-san. \NThank you for always taking care of Arika-chan. Translate:
165 It's okay Brass. I'm the one taking care of him anyways. Translate:
166 What's this? Your Medarot is 100 times kinder than its master! Translate:
167 What did you say?! Translate:
168 You, of all people?! Translate:
169 Ah, Arika-chan! It's time for your piano lessons. Translate:
170 If you don't hurry you'll be late. Translate:
171 Oh, you're right! Translate:
172 Anyway, save up your allowance as soon as you can and get a Medarot. Translate:
173 Brass and I will train you hard! Translate:
174 It's easy for you to say... Translate:
175 There's no money fallen out of someone's pocket is there? Translate:
176 It's gotta be a 500 yen coin! Translate:
177 Wait. Translate:
178 It's a m-m-m- Translate:
179 Medal?! Translate:
180 It's a Medal!! Translate:
181 It's a Kabuto Medal! Translate:
182 Hell yeah!! Translate:
183 To think a Medarot Medal would be here of all places, how lucky am I? Translate:
184 Even if I have a Medal, with no Body there's no point... Translate:
185 C'moooon! Translate:
186 Buy it for me! Translate:
187 The deal was you'd buy with your saved up allowance wasn't it? Translate:
188 I'm the only one left at school who doesn't have a Medarot! Translate:
189 Why don't you try asking your dad? Translate:
190 Hey Salty! Translate:
191 There's been a rise in cases of "Medarot Hunts", where people steal Medarot Parts exploiting the Robattle system. Translate:
192 Pretty scary isn't it? If you had a Medarot you'd be targeted as well, you know? Translate:
193 I'd be alright. I would take revenge on them! Translate:
194 We bought a new Part! Translate:
195 Tomorrow we'll brag about it with the Boss! Translate:
196 Yo! You have a pretty cool Medarot, yeah? Translate:
197 Why don't you battle with us, yeah? Translate:
198 But it's gotta be an true Robattle, yeah? Translate:
199 {\frz9.091\fs44\pos(330.714,112.266)}SCREWS Translate:
200 {c&H000000&\3c&HE1D6DE&\frz359.4\pos(205.576,357.867)}Student \NCouncil \NRoom Translate:
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