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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
101 Just as expected from the Screws' Boss. Translate:
102 It was an amazing fight. Translate:
103 Not really. Translate:
104 Huh? Translate:
105 To achieve that speed Peppercat had to suffer more than a few scratches. Translate:
106 If she got hit badly she could have lost the match right at the first attack. Translate:
107 Well, to modify Peppercat that way, \NI guess Kikuhime thought it through a bit. Translate:
108 But the balance was all over the place. Translate:
109 I would have finished this in one move! Translate:
110 Huh, really? Translate:
111 You sure know how to talk big, huh. Translate:
112 Then how about fighting me, Ikki? Translate:
113 Show a little pity Boss! Translate:
114 Poor Ikki doesn't have a single Medarot! Translate:
115 Oh right! That's how it was! Translate:
116 How rude of me! Translate:
117 But these days people who don't own a Medarot are like an endangered species, right? Translate:
118 Don't laugh! Translate:
119 My mom will buy me one very soon! Translate:
120 And how soon would this be? Translate:
121 S-So-So- Translate:
122 Soon means soon, okay?! Translate:
123 {\i1}"Soon means soon." Translate:
124 {\i1}Words you can only use when you've been cornered. Translate:
125 {\i1}A vague and arbitrary expression used to save face. Translate:
126 Let's go back shall we? Translate:
127 Let's stop by a convenience store on the way. Translate:
128 Sounds good! Translate:
129 Thinking about it, you're pretty much \Nthe only one without a Medarot these days, Ikki. Translate:
130 As a fellow elementary schooler it's pretty weird. Translate:
131 Shut up will ya? My mom told me to save up\N and buy it with my allowance. How mean is that? Translate:
132 Hey! So have you decided? Translate:
133 He remembers your face... Translate:
134 I've been stopping by every day so... Translate:
135 What about this, the latest CAR-type? Translate:
136 A great model with both power and speed! Translate:
137 And here we have the BMT, that focuses on raw power. Translate:
138 I also have the flying PLN-type. Translate:
139 It's a girl-oriented Medarot, \Nbut I've heard a lot of guys secretly buy these. Translate:
140 I would buy them all if I could but, you know... Translate:
141 How much can you spend on it? Translate:
142 Well that's... Translate:
143 That's way too little. Translate:
144 Ah! Wait a minute! Translate:
145 Here it is! Translate:
146 That's the one! Translate:
147 If it's this I could sell it to you. Translate:
148 Complete with the Tinpet I have on display. Translate:
149 The Medal is sold separately though. Translate:
150 Isn't this the old KBT-type? Translate:
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