Tales From The Crypt 3x13 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Hello, golfing fiends,\Nand welcome to the Crypt. Translate:
2 Oh, don't mind him.\NThat's just my caddie, Juan. Translate:
3 He got me teed off\Nwhile I was playing a round... Translate:
4 so I shot a hole in Juan. Translate:
5 Which brings to mind\Nthe young woman in tonight's tale. Translate:
6 She's also playing around,\Nexcept that her game isn't golf. Translate:
7 It's love. Translate:
8 I call this disgusting drama ""Spoiled."" Translate:
9 Hold his calls. Translate:
10 And so, if all parties agree... Translate:
11 only decisive action on your part... Translate:
12 will effectuate a successful merger... Translate:
13 of our two companies. Translate:
14 I.... Translate:
15 Well, what are you doing? Translate:
16 I am trying to effectuate\Na successful merger... Translate:
17 with my husband. Translate:
18 Fuchsia, I don't have time for this. Translate:
19 I've been trying to make this deal work\Nfor the last six weeks. Translate:
20 And totally ignoring me. Translate:
21 You care more about this agency\Nthan you do your own wife. Translate:
22 Well, one thing's for certain, Evian. Translate:
23 It's time for decisive action. Translate:
24 Quebec. Translate:
25 Come into my office, will you? Translate:
26 Now. Translate:
27 I've been keeping an eye on you, Quebec. Translate:
28 On my work? Really? Translate:
29 No. On you. Have a seat. Translate:
30 -This isn't about business, is it?\N-No. Translate:
31 It's about you.\NYou're like me, Quebec. I can tell. Translate:
32 You've got an empty void\Nin your lonely life. Translate:
33 -I do?\N-Yes, you do. Translate:
34 You and l... Translate:
35 we are like two lost travelers... Translate:
36 in a loveless, dark, frozen world. Translate:
37 What do you want, Mrs. Monroe? Translate:
38 -I want you.\N-But your husband.... Translate:
39 Forget him. Translate:
40 In my life, I see something I want, I take it.\NDo you understand? Translate:
41 Rules aren't for me. Translate:
42 You are for me. Translate:
43 Yes! Translate:
44 Oh, God, Louise. Translate:
45 Fuchsia is awesome. Translate:
46 -She has her moments.\N-Moments? Translate:
47 Her moments?\NThat's the way you should live life, Louise. Translate:
48 You go for it. You don't waste it\Nlike we do, sorting laundry. Translate:
49 But, Janet, you have to sort laundry. Translate:
50 You can't mix your delicates\Nwith your permanent press... Translate:
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