Tales From The Crypt 3x12 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 So, what'll it be, stranger? Translate:
2 Can I interest you in a mai die?\NOr would you prefer a rum and choke? Translate:
3 Or maybe you'd like something\Na little stronger. Translate:
4 I've got just the thing. Translate:
5 It's a nasty little snootful\Nabout a newshound named Charlie... Translate:
6 who needs a murder story and a drink. Translate:
7 But not necessarily in that order. Translate:
8 What some people won't do\Nfor a good stiff one. Translate:
9 I call this little eye-opener ""Deadline."" Translate:
10 My name's Charles Mackenzie,\Nand I'm a newspaperman. Translate:
11 At least, I was until a little while ago. Translate:
12 I'd do anything to get a story. Anything. Translate:
13 That was my reputation. Translate:
14 The way I figured it,\Npeople had a right to know. Translate:
15 First Amendment, huh?\NThat's what this country's all about, right? Translate:
16 I worked on some pretty high-class\Nnewspapers in my time, you know. Translate:
17 Pretty good magazines, too. Translate:
18 But I had a little problem. Translate:
19 Since the all-star break... Translate:
20 he's been unable to go more than,\NI'd say, four innings at a stretch. Translate:
21 You sleeping, Charlie? Translate:
22 ...is wondering\Nhow much more room to give.... Translate:
23 -I was just resting my eyes, Mike.\N-It's awful late. Translate:
24 Getting close to midnight. Translate:
25 You told me you had a meeting\Nover at the newspaper. Translate:
26 Yeah, sure. Translate:
27 I gotta pay a little surprise visit\Nto old Phil Stone down at the paper. Translate:
28 But I still got time for one more. Translate:
29 Why don't you lay off, Charlie?\NHow about a nice cup of coffee? Translate:
30 Mike, I can lay off any time I want. Translate:
31 Charlie, I'm talking to you as a friend here. Translate:
32 You gotta go see somebody about a job.\NDo yourself a favor. Translate:
33 Go home, shave, get yourself cleaned up. Translate:
34 I don't need any good grooming advice\Nfrom you. Translate:
35 Just who the goddamn hell\Ndo you think you are? Translate:
36 Charlie. Charlie, listen,\NI don't mean anything by this. Translate:
37 -I'm just trying to help you out, that's all.\N-I may be down on my luck right now... Translate:
38 but I have been there, right at the top. Translate:
39 I have talked things over with senators,\Nmillionaires, sports champs, you name it. Translate:
40 I don't need to take any shit\Nfrom some drink-pusher... Translate:
41 working in a skid-row gin joint. Translate:
42 Hey, Charlie, back off. Translate:
43 I said I was sorry. Translate:
44 Mike, I'll buy that lady a drink. Translate:
45 So, what's a pretty lady like you\Ndoing in here? Translate:
46 -Waiting for somebody?\N-Nobody special. Translate:
47 See, I'm a reporter.\NAlways trying to get at the facts. Translate:
48 Now, a good-looking girl,\Nsitting in a skid-row bar alone... Translate:
49 there's a good chance she's a hooker. Translate:
50 Even though it's none of your business,\NI'm not for hire. Translate:
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