Tales From The Crypt 3x11 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Sometimes life can be such a grind. Translate:
2 Know what I mean? Translate:
3 That's why I like to get out\Nevery now and then... Translate:
4 and swing a little. Translate:
5 So much for his family tree. Translate:
6 Tonight's tale concerns a young woman... Translate:
7 who's about to do a little swinging\Nof her own. Translate:
8 She wants to prove\Nthat a good man is hard to find... Translate:
9 but easy to get rid of. Translate:
10 I think you'll like this\Nlittle chopping spree... Translate:
11 I call, ""Split Second."" Translate:
12 Hey. Translate:
13 I'd been stranded for a couple ofmonths\Nup in the North Woods... Translate:
14 when I took a job waiting tables\Nat the Cummings Saloon. Translate:
15 How much, four up? Translate:
16 I was trying to sa ve up\Nfor a bus ticket out. Translate:
17 The money was terrible. Translate:
18 And most of the tips I got\Nweren 't the kind you could stick in a bank. Translate:
19 Four rounds in 20 minutes. Translate:
20 What is this, a slow night, guys? Translate:
21 Can't you hold your drink anymore? Translate:
22 Liz, you ever thought\Nabout doing stand-up? Translate:
23 Thought that's what I was doing. Translate:
24 Watch this. Translate:
25 -Take a break, Ray.\N-Hey. Translate:
26 -Hey.\N-How about going in my truck? Translate:
27 I got sheepskins. Translate:
28 I thought you liked them better\Nwhen they were still alive, Banjo. Translate:
29 You saying you don't wanna? Translate:
30 I'm saying,\Njust 'cause we got friendly once... Translate:
31 don't mean I care to make a habit of it. Translate:
32 Who you kidding, Liz? Translate:
33 If I got you drunk enough... Translate:
34 I'd have you out in my truck again\Nin no time. Translate:
35 That's real sweet of you, Banjo. Translate:
36 Let's save the Hallmark moment\Nfor another time. Translate:
37 Hey, hey, hey, let's go for a ride. Translate:
38 You got 10 minutes\Nbefore you gotta be back. Translate:
39 More than enough time\Nto reapply your lipstick, baby. Translate:
40 You-- Translate:
41 The lady's not interested. Translate:
42 You got that? Translate:
43 Fuck off, Dixon. Translate:
44 Drop the knife. Drop it! Translate:
45 This is how you wanna die, shitheel? Translate:
46 I wasn't exactly looking\Nfor a knight in shining armor... Translate:
47 but I did like being fought over. Translate:
48 Those days, I was getting offended\Na lot more than I was getting defended. Translate:
49 Apologize to the lady. Translate:
50 I'm sorry, ma'am. Translate:
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