Tales From The Crypt 3x10 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 There you are! Translate:
2 You're just in time. Translate:
3 I'm trying out a few recipes from\Nmy new Betty Croaker Cookbook. Translate:
4 I hope you like shish kebab. Translate:
5 Damn! It isn't ready yet. Translate:
6 Bob's still moving. Translate:
7 Tonight's foul feast... Translate:
8 will begin with mashed potatoes... Translate:
9 then move on to some shrieking duck... Translate:
10 and finish with a nice kill-basa. Translate:
11 I call this tasty tidbit... Translate:
12 ""Mournin' Mess."" Translate:
13 I brought you some fresh bed sheets. Translate:
14 Evening edition. Translate:
15 Shit, look at that. Translate:
16 Oh, fuck the hooch, man.\NI'm taking you to a hospital. Translate:
17 -Come on.\N-No. I hate fucking hospitals. Translate:
18 I got too many good rounds left in me yet. Translate:
19 Fuck it, Dancer. You're going down\Nfor the count, and I'm calling for help. Translate:
20 Bubba? Translate:
21 That you, man? Translate:
22 Who's out there? Translate:
23 Listen here. I'm a former middleweight. Translate:
24 Fucking doctor. Translate:
25 Dancer? Translate:
26 Shit! Dancer! Translate:
27 Okay, I got you. I got you! Translate:
28 What the hell is going on down there? Translate:
29 I'm calling the police! Translate:
30 Oh, shit. Translate:
31 What's wrong? Translate:
32 You got to leave now. Translate:
33 I thought we were gonna\Nspend the day together. Translate:
34 Well, that was Jack Daniel's talking. Translate:
35 Dale Sweeney's telling you\Nto cop a broom. Translate:
36 What? Translate:
37 Oh, shit. Translate:
38 You think you can just\Nchew women up at night... Translate:
39 and spit them out in the morning! Translate:
40 Baby, in my line of work,\Nyou don't have time for long meals. Translate:
41 Keep your paws off of me! Translate:
42 You make me sick! Translate:
43 You motherfucker! Translate:
44 Fuck you! Translate:
45 You should be living in a mobile home\N'cause you have no class, you idiot! Translate:
46 None ofthe problems\Nwhich plague our society... Translate:
47 can be fully overcome without\Nthe cooperation ofprivate enterprise. Translate:
48 I and six of my fellow citizens\Nare here today... Translate:
49 not simply\Nbecause we believe that statement... Translate:
50 but also\Nbecause we share a common past. Translate:
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