Tales From The Crypt 3x9 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Quiet on the set. Translate:
2 Deathly quiet. Translate:
3 Fond felicitations, fiends... Translate:
4 and welcome to the Crypt. Translate:
5 Tonight's sordid saga\Nis about a couple of kids... Translate:
6 with time to kill. Translate:
7 See, they're just dying\Nto get into the horror movie business. Translate:
8 And if they're lucky,\Nthat's exactly what'll happen to them. Translate:
9 Lights! Translate:
10 Camera! Action! Translate:
11 Damn! Shit! Son of a bitch! Fuck! Translate:
12 What are you moaning about, Norm? Translate:
13 There were 53 Junior Mints in this box. Translate:
14 -There should be at least 54.\N-Maybe you inhaled one by accident. Translate:
15 Shit, Jess!\NThere's a whole pool of butter... Translate:
16 down there at the bottom. Translate:
17 What're you eating, Normie? Translate:
18 There's nothing down there\Nbut unpopped kernels. Translate:
19 -Yeah, but that's the best part.\N-Will you stop being a geek? Translate:
20 -You're making me sick.\N-Hey. Translate:
21 I am not a geek, okay? Translate:
22 A geek is somebody who... Translate:
23 bites the heads off of chickens\Nand then drinks the blood. Translate:
24 -You mean like you, Norm?\N-No, I mean like your sister. Translate:
25 Sure, buddy. Translate:
26 -Jesus, Norman, you are so full of shit.\N-Yeah, right. Translate:
27 I saw Android Geeks From Hell\Nand the geeks in that movie did not bite-- Translate:
28 -What'd they do?\N-They had this video vision... Translate:
29 where they ripped the veins\Nright out of the chest... Translate:
30 and used them like straws\Nto drink your blood. Translate:
31 -That is really a geek.\N-Look, those things were not geeks! Translate:
32 Just because some stupid movie\Nsays they're geeks... Translate:
33 -doesn 't make them geeks.\N-Shut up. Translate:
34 I'm not kidding, okay?\NI know what geeks do. Translate:
35 I read about them, all right? Translate:
36 Where, in your stroke book? Translate:
37 Hey, come on, man,\Nthat's my mom's book, all right? Translate:
38 -Your mom 's stroke book!\N-I mean it, all right? Take that back! Translate:
39 -Did you see that?\N-What? Translate:
40 There's something out there. Translate:
41 Oh, my God, you're right. It's a parking lot! Translate:
42 Come on, man! Translate:
43 -Shit, it's got a red eye.\N-Like Predator, right? Translate:
44 Come on, man. Look! Translate:
45 Damn you, door! Translate:
46 Fuck! Translate:
47 -I got you, Normie!\N-You son of a.... Translate:
48 You video... Translate:
49 asshole! Translate:
50 Did you see the look on Normie's face? Translate:
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