Tales From The Crypt 3x8 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [buppha.r]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Greetings, art lovers. Translate:
2 Vincent van Ghoul here\Nwith another morbid masterpiece... Translate:
3 sure to paint you into a coroner. Translate:
4 Something's not quite right. Translate:
5 Ah, yes. Translate:
6 Now that's a still life. Translate:
7 Tonight's tale concerns a painter... Translate:
8 who's tired of people\Ngiving his work the brush. Translate:
9 I call this pestilent portrait of the artist\Nas a young mangler... Translate:
10 Easel Kill Ya. Translate:
11 Well, they're very... Translate:
12 nice. Translate:
13 They're supposed to be... Translate:
14 ironic. Translate:
15 Of course they are, dear. Translate:
16 You know, Jack... Translate:
17 maybe you should go back to drinking. Translate:
18 Your work had more passion. Translate:
19 You promised me a show, Ella. Translate:
20 You know... Translate:
21 this space could be quite compelling... Translate:
22 if you put a little effort into fixing it up. Translate:
23 I've been working... Translate:
24 day and night for six months... Translate:
25 and all because you promised me a show\Nif I came up with something... Translate:
26 new. Translate:
27 Not just new, darling. Translate:
28 New and good. Translate:
29 Honey... Translate:
30 if it's money you're worried about... Translate:
31 I could give you a job around the gallery. Translate:
32 I have a new Southern primitive show\Nto hang next week. Translate:
33 Could use some help. Translate:
34 I saw her life slip away. Translate:
35 There was something almost beautiful\Nabout it. Translate:
36 Jack. Translate:
37 Jack! Translate:
38 I can't stand here all day. Translate:
39 You want the job or not? Translate:
40 I think I would have enjoyed killing her. Translate:
41 But you didn't. Translate:
42 You faced your demon. Translate:
43 You stared it down... Translate:
44 and you shared that victory with us. Translate:
45 I know we all appreciate that, Jack. Translate:
46 Remember, we are not alone, we are... Translate:
47 -forgiven.\N-Forgiven. Translate:
48 And that allows us to... Translate:
49 -face another day.\N-Face another day. Translate:
50 Good, people, that's all for today. Translate:
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