Tales From The Crypt 3x7 [En]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 ""l want to suck your blood."" Translate:
2 That's not right. Translate:
3 ""l want to suck your blood."" Translate:
4 No, that's not it. ""l want to suck--"" Translate:
5 Hello, kiddies. Translate:
6 You caught me\Nin the middle of my homework. Translate:
7 Your old pal, the Crypt Keeper,\Nis a real believer in continuing... Translate:
8 deaducation. Translate:
9 Which brings us\Nto tonight's murderous morsel. Translate:
10 It's a juicy little tale\Nabout a real bloodsucker... Translate:
11 who never learned to go for the jugular. Translate:
12 I call this plasma play... Translate:
13 The Reluctant Vampire. Translate:
14 Oh, God. Translate:
15 How I hate Mondays. Translate:
16 Leopold? Come on, Leopold. Translate:
17 Leopold? Translate:
18 Now, while most of us make a point\Nofnot looking for trouble... Translate:
19 my next guest has made a career ofit. Translate:
20 He has a job that's definitely not\Nfor the squeamish. Translate:
21 For the past 50 years, Rupert Van Helsing\Nhas been hunting vampires. Translate:
22 Hunting vampires?\NMr. Van Helsing, is that for real? Translate:
23 Of course it's for real, Miss Jones. Translate:
24 I assure you, vampires are quite real. Translate:
25 And they really turn into bats\Nand fly around? Translate:
26 No. That's just in the movies,\Nbut they must drink blood to stay alive. Translate:
27 And it must be human blood. Translate:
28 It is for them an addiction. Translate:
29 An addiction for which\Nthey ha ve to kill nightly. Translate:
30 I don 't know about you, but I'm wearing\Nan extra scarf to bed tonight. Translate:
31 Hilarious. Translate:
32 Come on, Leopold. Come on. Translate:
33 We've got to go to work.\NCome on. Good boy. Translate:
34 I don't want excuses. I want answers! Translate:
35 Our blood supply is at a record low. Translate:
36 We are tottering\Non the brink of bankruptcy. Translate:
37 And all you can say is, ""There are\Nirregularities in the bookkeeping."" Translate:
38 We've been meeting\Nall our donation quotas, Mr. Crosswhite. Translate:
39 What's happening, Sally?\NIs blood evaporating? Translate:
40 I wanna know why there's not as much\Nblood available as we're taking in. Translate:
41 I don't know why. Translate:
42 You better find out why, sweetheart... Translate:
43 or your little butt's gonna be out\Non the sidewalk. Translate:
44 Oh, no. Mr. Crosswhite, I need this job. Translate:
45 Honey, you're dead weight\Non a sinking ship. Translate:
46 Please, Mr. Crosswhite,\NI'll get to the bottom of it. Translate:
47 It's interesting that you put it\Nthat way, Sally... Translate:
48 because I'd like to keep you on here. Translate:
49 You see, I like you, Sally, a lot. Translate:
50 And perhaps we could get\Nto the bottom of that? Translate:
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